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A Different Easter Basket

A Different Easter Basket

We were recently in California for our Granddaughter Lisa’s first birthday.  I had intended to make an Easter basket before we left but it didn’t happen.  So, when I returned home I decided to make more of a bowl using the colors from her party.


I made a batt using a light turquoise with touches of pink, purple and blue.

20160320_154113 Then I embellished the bowl with pink and gold mohair yarn and mulberry silk. (She likes bling.)

I used a resist thinking I could stretch it out on a ball to smooth, but it was a bit too small for the balls I had.  I tried blowing up a punch ball, but that didn’t work either.

So, I ended up stuffing it with plastic bags and it turned out nicely shaped.

20160321_123854 20160321_123859

I was pleased with it when it was dry.

20160322_113050 20160322_113003

Here is a closeup.


Lisa’s favorite snack is what her parents call “puffs.”  Those nuggets that melt in the   babies mouth.  So, I stocked up, stuffed some in plastic eggs and sent the rest in the package along with a stuffed bunny.

20160322_113655When she gets a little older, I’ll make her a proper basket.

The basket arrived in time, I’m just a little late posting. She did enjoy her puffs and playing with the bunny and eggs.


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