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It was Canada Day

It was Canada Day

Not much time around here for felting this last week. The big excitement is we had 2 caves born. You will have to excuse the picture quality they are in the field with our phones.

caves 1

They are both boys and they have different moms even if it’s hard to tell them apart. The one is really very dark brown when you see him up close.

calf 1 calf 2 having a drink

This is Dad, Bart. He is a small Angus bull


And some other members of the family, all Dexters, who should all be having babies of their own soon.


So for the last 2 days going out to check on  them has been a game of hunt the calves. Their moms hide them to keep them safe. It makes it hard to check on them.

hidden calf

The other exciting thing is we had Canada Day.

Happy Canada Day everyone


We are 149 years old. I am writing this on Canada Day so I hope we will not have the fireworks rained out. Rain is in the forecast and we do desperately need it but I want to watch the fire works. Here is a song form our singing astronaut (Chris Hatfield) and his brother to tell you all about Canada.




It a couple of days early but  for all our American readers:

Happy 4th of July

firework-clipart-flag-fireworks USA

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