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I have been slowly stitching the tree in my landscape. I am couching down yarns that I have in my stash. These are definitely recycled since they are from old knitted items and the yarn has been pulled apart again. It already has some nice textures and kinks to it making it easier creating a “gnarly” tree trunk and branches.

Here it is when I showed it to you last.

And now, here is the tree filled in with more branches.

And here’s a closer view of some of the texture on the tree. I am thinking about adding just a few more branches. What do you think? More branches or not? I am calling this piece Sanctuary because it reminds me of the trees that the eagles sit on around my house. I see eagles all the time in these old gnarly trees with broken branches.

This is a perfect piece for the new landscape challenge that Lyn posted about a few days ago. But since I already started it before the challenge, I will probably do an entirely different piece for that. But since “scapes” are one of my favorite genres, I am sure I won’t have any problem coming up with a challenge piece. Have you started a piece for the challenge? We’d love for you to share it with us. Just come on over to the forum and show us your landscape.

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