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Finished Felt Inspired By Paintings

Finished Felt Inspired By Paintings

As promised last time, here’s a photo of the finished piece I showed being laid out:

I did make a few small changes to it, just moving one piece of prefelt and a few fibres. This is the painting I was working from:

It’s quite texturey, which you can see better from this angle:

Using just a few colours, gives quite a lot of shades when they overlap or blend:

I thought the migration from the prefelt through to the back was interesting:

After I’d laid that piece out I had a flick through my notebook and found another piece for inspiration. It’s a really simple piece, but I’d used some colours I’d blended:

What was different/nice with this one was the sheen, you can see from this angle:

I wasn’t aiming to replicate this one at all, just use as inspiration. I even found a mastching weird pinky red Merino – ‘Damask’ for the base:

I used Rose and Viscose fibres for the shiny parts, and a small amount of Nylon for the matte:

I really like how it turned out, having some matte areas seemed to make the shiny fibres shinier:

I did add some shiny fibres to match the ‘Damask’ background, but not much:

A Bit Of Colour

A Bit Of Colour

I thought I’d do some colourful pieces this week. The last time I ordered from World of Wool, I got some dyed Shetland wool tops, and some dyed 18.5 mic Merino. I used the dyed Shetland tops for this first piece, and a variety of cellulose fibres that I dyed a while ago, using rosiepink’s tutorial. I think I used Bamboo, Banana, Ramie, Flax, Hemp and Viscose, and there are a few wisps of soybean top too.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI didn’t add the fibres in any particular way, just lay the tops out and added more until the spaces were filled in. Overlapping in some places.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like this close up, I like the way the fibres appear to be just sitting on top of the wool, which my girlfriend thinks looks like grass.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wanted to try out some of the 18.5 mic merino, and some crimped nylon before I made a large scarf. I won’t be using these colours together, but thought it would help to see them better.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe way the thinner areas of fibre contour the ripples of the felt reminds me of felting with those stringy produce bags that oranges and onions often come in.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI thought this was an unusual contrast, the denser matte nylon around the shiny Merino gives the Merino a synthetic look.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA close up of some of the crimped fibre:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI really liked the way this turned out, I even like the two colours together 🙂


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