Suri Alpaca locks

Suri Alpaca locks

Unwashed Suri Alpaca locks

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  1. Florence Heyhoa says:

    I have just discover d this site and am so excited for I am learning all things felting at present. I love setting myself challenges and trying to work out how to do it. On returning from an exhibition of work by Georgia O Keeffee I have tried to felt a piece inspired by one of her paintings. I had to learn how to felt with resists to make a corner of layers . I wanted three dimensional roots going up the piece. I pre felted greens to apply to a black prefect hoping that two layers of pre felt would felt together. I did not think that plastic resist would create a deep enough root system should have tried rolled up bubble wrap possibly , in the end I used electric cable. I was trying to felt the gr en to the back black over and around the cables. This s was a challenge but has worked but I am still disappointed with the depth of the roots. The piece is now drying and I have manipulated the felt to encourage the roots to bulge out. How do you incorporate 3 d tube like shapes onto a flat piece of work? Florence

    • ruthlane says:

      Hi Florence! I would suggest that you go on over and join our forum where we have felt makers from all over the world. It’s free and you can ask questions and share your work. This would be a great discussion for the forum because I’m sure you would get multiple opinions and ideas that might be useful. You could also show us a photo of what you have created which might help to visualize what you are trying to achieve.

      Join here:

      I personally would probably felt the roots to a prefelt stage, perhaps stuff them with more wool and then felt them into the piece. I did a piece with machine needle felting where I used a variety of sizes of yarn to make roots. Here’s a link to a close up:

      Hope that helps.

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