Wet Felting for Beginners Online Course


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6 Responses to aa wet felting FOR BEGINNERS 3 PART COURSE

  1. sandra tavel says:

    I keep trying to fill in the form for the beginners wet felting onlin e classes, however I am told to “go back” once I have completed the form, and all I want to do is to subscribe for a class in January of 2016 which I can’t find on the list. Thank you for sending me the information, and I am sure that it will all be quite clear aftar your explanations. Sandra Tavel

  2. Pamela Rubright says:

    Did you get my order? Perhaps it didn’t go through?

  3. Pamela Rubright says:

    Hi Ruth,
    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I have not received the invoice yet in my rubright@olypen.com email. Thank you, Pam

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