Calling all fibre lovers – knitters, weavers, stitchers, crocheters and felters – challenge yourself to make a table runner or mat.

Here are a few that we’ve made in the past 😊

This starry felt mat not only protects the hall table but it looks good too …

Felt Table Mat white stars on dark background

…and it looks just as pretty on the reverse!

reverse of felt table mat

Here’s a cobweb felt (merino wool and silk top) table runner that we nicknamed ‘Miss Havisham’ …

cobweb felt white merino and silk table runner

… and a 3D felt decorative table runner ‘Spring Flowers in the Snow’.

white felt table runner with 3d spring flowers in the snow

This plant pot mat, in the style of Clarice Cliff, was made for a previous challenge.

Felt pot plant mat in the style of Clarice Cliff

In the first quarter challenge, it was suggested that you find a tree you like and depict it as it awakens in spring with buds/new leaves/blossom – it could be realistic or representational.

If you’d like to continue with the tree challenge, then please do so!  Depict your tree in its next season.

Please post your entries in Studio Challenges here:


Or if you are unable to upload a photo, use this link to post your photo


then please tell us about your make in Studio Challenges on The Felting and Fiber Forum.

10 thoughts on “2023 SECOND QUARTER CHALLENGE

  1. Great challenge for this quarter. I have last quarters tree done and will post about it just a shade into this quarter so that’s not bad. A table runner/mat. hmmm, I will have to think of were I need one. All of yours look great.

  2. I love the “halo” effect you get when cut wool fibres migrate more vigorously through the normal / pulled top fibres and it looks especially good on your starry table mat – it’s beautiful piece and must be hard to decide which way up to have it!! 🙂

  3. A fairly open-ended challenge….round, angular, random/freeform edge, precise straight edge etc.

    Your examples are great particularly your serendipity star mat!

  4. What great examples you have. They are all so different and give many different ideas to pursue with this new challenge. I love the 3D effect of the spring flowers in snow. I’m thinking of trying out some of Teri’s mushrooms that she posted about recently but it would be cool to make a forest floor underneath them as a table runner. If only I had that much time 😉

    1. The mushroom idea sounds great Ruth! We only gave felt examples but of course any textile would work – we hope sewists, crocheters, knitters and weavers will have a go.

  5. I got to post this on the Instagram FFS page, Lyn and Annie but have not had a chance to comment here. This is a super challenge and all of your table runners are beautiful. Truly, art is not just for wearing or hanging on walls and these examples prove this point.

    I love the 3D effect of ‘Spring Flowers’. Your Clarice Cliff interpretation brings me to my happy place!

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