Finding Fiber Happiness During Respite

Finding Fiber Happiness During Respite

I spent last night processing my planned article in my sleep. I woke up with a solidified plan. ✅ I sent the following message to my BFF Lisa: I’m writing my blog article, which is due tomorrow…finding (fiber) happy places, when we need respite. I was ready to go – then I decided to quickly file for Medicare, which must be done in the US, 3 months before we turn 65. I had already started the process, and was waiting for my window to complete it. No problem, I thought: just tell them what I want, and be done with it. [What on earth was I thinking??]

Sunrise on the beach
Walking to the Ocean at Dawn.

I’m looking at this photo, with a cup of tea, feeling my shoulders fall. This is a beautiful morning, Brian and I will never forget. It was the first morning of our vacation, and we were off to an excellent start.

I had a short list of photos, I wanted to capture on this trip. My plan is to eventually felt some beach scapes, to hang in our home. Crazy as it seems, I couldn’t picture an accurate sunrise or sunset. This relaxing vacation changed all that. It gave us so many meaningful memories, and beautiful photos at the same time. I am excited to begin playing with my fiber and supplies. I captured interesting photos as the tides came in and out, in the inter-coastal waterways and oceanside.

Beach at low tide

I thought the ripple patterns made at low tide were fantastic!

I have photos of trees dripping in Spanish Moss, and I can tell you how it grows on the Live Oaks, in the southern US. Our family and friends asked us what we did with ourselves, in 4 weeks, together?? We enjoyed each others company, and the beauty all around us.

Spanish Moss draping Live Oak trees
Live Oaks draped in Spanish Moss, were in full bloom.

I managed to felt a couple examples while there. They are not great by any means, but they were made with what I had with me.

Tree limb

Felted Live Oak dyed Teasdale Locks

7 thoughts on “Finding Fiber Happiness During Respite

  1. Maybe get the photo ‘walking to the ocean at dawn’ enlarged and framed so that you can see it while you drink your first cuppa – what a lovely way to start the day 🙂

    Love the way you’ve mixed the colours in ‘felted lanscape at sunset’, and we look forward to seeing your future felted works inspired by your trip.

  2. Capi, your dawn walk photo is so relaxing, not only do you need it on your wall but maybe a pocket version too – for stressful moments.

    What size are your needle Felted pictures & will you leave as they are or attempt any wet felting? The colour blending is rich.

    Looking forward to seeing how you capture the amazing texture of the rippled sand.

    So pleased you created some treasured memories too.

  3. Capi, that photo of the walk to the sea at dawn is fantastic – so beautiful and so peaceful, no other bodies around! That’s the one I’d be trying to create in felt, though perhaps with a little “artist’s licence” – I’d put in a sand path rather than the shiny surface of whatever is laid over the sand in the photo.
    Is that a snake in the right hand picture of the felted Live Oak? That looks interesting.
    I’m looking forward to more of your memories.

  4. There is so much inspiration waiting to be uncovered in your beautiful photographs Capi. I look forward to watching the development. I am glad you brought some fibre with you on your holiday beautiful results with gorgeous colours.

  5. “Walking to the Ocean at Dawn” needs to become a large poster, as Lyn suggests! Even I felt my shoulders go down as I looked at it 🙂

  6. I’m glad that you got some great photos of your time away Capi! You have loads of source inspiration to work from now. It looks like a relaxing place and I’m glad you got a few felt pictures going in your time away. I especially like the fiber moss in the tree.

    I have always loved the ripple patterns in the sand made by the ocean. I have taken numerous photos but never been able to recreate satisfactorily. I look forward to seeing your interpretations.

  7. The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, as they say. You have some lovely pictures to work with. I too particularly like the walk to the beach and the wonderful sand texture. I hope you get the time to play with some fibre soon.

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