Further thinking and stitching.

Further thinking and stitching.

When I worked on the stitched piece for my last studio post, I still had a decision to make about adding ‘something’ to the central square. I had left it blank and I was unsure about whether or not to add anything to it. Looking at it again in time for this post, I decided to add some more fabric scraps and further rows of running stitch to secure them to the background linen.



This is my stitching as I had left it on my previous post.


I have added a variety of small fabric squares into the centre blank square of my stitched piece, and I have managed to fill the blank space quite well. The fabrics I chose complement the fabrics that are already on the outer border, and measure about 1″ – 1  1/2″ square ish!

I have added a row of double herringbone stitches at two edges of the stitching, to secure the edges of the fabrics that I feel are not secured well enough with the running stitch.

The orientation or direction of the stitching echoes the outer border.

Whipped running stitches add definition to the inner square, and to the outer smaller squares, and add to the overall effect.


I have really enjoyed adding more stitches to this piece. I continue to find stitching very mindful, and calming. I am so pleased that I found this linen sheet at the charity shop that day, a lovely happenstance.

I think the completed work looks good, I will decide about adding some machine stitching and perhaps a little applique, as another layer when I look at it again.  Open to suggestions from you too of course!

I have another hospital stay looming when this post is due, so I probably will be late in acknowledging comments, but I will read them.




20 thoughts on “Further thinking and stitching.

  1. It’s beautiful Marie! The two-colour herringbone stitch not only does its job but it looks good too. You certainly have a good eye for colour and design.
    Best wishes for your hospital stay 🙂

  2. Gorgeous result Marie. I loved it with the blank centre but even more so now. Your stitch and fabric choices were beautifully considered.
    Best wishes for your hospital stay.

  3. It’s looking amazing, Marie! Love the hand stitches so much. I hope it keeps you busy on your next hospital visit, and here’s hoping it’s a short one so you can be back home soon 🙂

  4. I really like this piece. It is so calming and looks like it was very meditative to stitch. I haven’t yet done a project like this but I am thinking I may have to add it to the (growing) list of projects I want to do.
    Hope the hospital stay is short and you are soon home.

  5. That central square turned out beautiful, Marie! I love how you defined all the parts by adding whipped running stitches and the double-coloured herringbone stitches, it really makes the structure stand out. My best wishes for your hospital stay.

  6. Such a beauty! I wish I could reach out and touch it as it looks like it would be comforting to hold and touch. I love the texture that the running stitch gives to the fabric. I hope you are doing okay, sending healing vibes your way.

    1. Thank you Ruth, finally catching up with all the Studio posts today. I appreciate all the kind thoughts.

  7. What a lovely piece! The inner area really pulls me in, then my eye floats to the outer squares. It has a very soothing vibe to it. Just lovely!

  8. It is lovely. I don’t know that I would add anything to it. I hope you are in and out of hospital quickly. Some slow stitch may be just what the doctor orders for some relaxing recovery.

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