Thinking about a tree.

Thinking about a tree.

Before the pandemic, I used to organize and participate in a holiday card exchange at the Felting and Fiber Studio Forum. I am not sure why I stopped but I guess everyone was worried about spreading things and I just didn’t do it. Anyway, I missed making the cards so I wanted to try one just for myself.

I always like to do trees and sheep. I thought a swirl tree would be a good thing. I found a public domain one online that looked simple enough.

a stylized swirly tree

I got some water-soluble stabilizer to trace it onto. I used the plastic-feeling stuff. I thought the Sharpie marker might dissolve it but to my surprise, it didn’t.  You can see that the stabilizer is textured, like a tiny waffle pattern.

a tracing of a stylized tree

It’s very flexible and easy to pin to the felt I wanted to use. It’s just a small piece about 2 inches by 4 inches, 5x10cm

Tracing of a tree pinned to a piece of felt.


I decided to you a fairly solid green handspun I had. It’s wool and silk. the pictures of it are not great the silk really throws the camera off.

a ball of hand spun yarn

Now there is a break in the pictures. I took progress pictures but they seem to have vanished. they are no longer on my phone and they are not on the computer. I check all the recently used folders. Poof, they are gone. so we jump to the finished pictures. I used the plied yarn for the trunk and then seeing how thick it looked I unplied the yarn and used singles for the swirls.

needle felted stylized tree needle felted stylized tree, close up

The tree is ok but everything is too close and not as defined as I wanted.  I am suffering from trying to work too small again. I had planned to add stitching for a star and Christmas balls but I think I will try again larger. I just need to find a piece of felt or make some.

Do you make felt cards? Or like Lyn, do you make dioramas or perhaps a picture to take a picture of, for cards?


13 thoughts on “Thinking about a tree.

  1. Lovely choice of yarn Ann (we need cameras that pick up what our eyes can see don’t we?) and the tree looks pretty, but yes, it would be easier to see the definition of the swirls and to add the tree decorations if you had more space, so go large!

    Hope to see version 2 soon 🙂

    1. Thanks Lyn, It really is a nice colour. It’s funny how much light bounce you get even when there is no direct light on it. I really like the idea so I think there will be another one I just need to find some time to do a background.

  2. That yarn is lovely. I can see why you need to go for a larger card though. More room for stars and baubles, though I love the shape of the swirly tree.
    I used to make cards, but that was when I was tatting and embroidering, before I got the fibre fetish and started spinning and felting. Now I buy charity cards from Cats Protection and just get on with whatever project I’m working on.

  3. It’s good to see a return to normality. Hand made cards are really special and speak from the heart.
    Beautiful yarn Ann. Great use of the stabilizer. I can understand your need to go bigger to fit in the decos but I think there’s a lovely flow with the tree design.

  4. I love it! I don’t think it needs to be any bigger or have any additional decorations. A star added on the top would make it more holiday. But I think it’s wonderful just as it is.

  5. I love your yarn, such a lovely colour green. I think your tree is a delight, maybe something glittery at the top? I don’t agree about loss of definition, it looks just right.

  6. The tree looks lovely, but I see what you mean, definitely going bigger will leave more space for added embellishments. I love the idea of handmade cards, I wish I had the time to make some for my special persons. I can’t wait to see the finished version of yours!

  7. Ann, I am catching up on missed posts. I think your Christmas Felt is lovely, and your stitches are very neat and tidy. I did tons of needlepoint with our family business, but Crewel Embroidery was one thing I didn’t have patience for. So I do appreciate those who have the skill.

    Maybe a fiber ornament exchange is more doable in the future. It’s the postage that is the biggest problem. Count me in if it becomes a future group idea.

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