A little bit of knitting here and there

A little bit of knitting here and there

There’s been a bit of knitting going on lately around here. After months of no mojo, I was suddenly struck by the need to make all the things.

In my last blog post, I shared a link to my own blog (thank you to all those who went and left me a comment!) There was a photo of my cat Marshmallow sat on top of a yellow knitted work-in-progress in that post. I’m happy to say I’ve finished that jumper well before the colder weather hit! I finished it, in fact, in July.

I’m a weirdo who enjoys knitting things out of season, it seems.

Mohair Gallant Sweater, a yellow mohair and silk jumper on a mannequin.
Mohair Gallant Sweater

Next, I was smitten by a very goth-y jumper. It had little bird skulls all around it, and that was enough motivation for me to tackle stranded knit work.

I didn’t make a good start, though. I’m not used to reading charts and left a lot of stitches behind. It was too small, something I found out soon after taking this photo below. And look, the poor birds look like pineapples with eyes.

Dead of Night jumper beginning knitting on Eleanor's neck

My second attempt was much more successful… but it’s too big! There is no way I’ll be frogging this and starting over, so I’ll either be able to shrink it in the dryer after blocking, or I’ll have to gift it to a friend and knit another one for myself (gasp!)

Eleanor wears her unfinished Dead of Night jumper and shows how large it is in the body for her.
Dead of Night

Lastly, I knit something I had never tried before – a child sized garment! A friend of mine commented she had so much knitting to get done before Christmas and was a little worried she might not finish in time, so I offered to help. This is the First Leaf Jacket and it was an easy enough pattern to follow, albeit a little annoying in the purl rows.

I’ve since found out my friend has knitted the jumper version of this – she gave me jacket pattern because it was the one with the most purling, the rascal! I shall have to take revenge… maybe in the form of keeping the leftover yarn for myself.

First Leaf Jacket unfinished, as a flat lay, with the pattern and the gauge swatch next to it

First Leaf Jacket, pattern by Drops, not blocked, on mannequin

The ends still need weaving in, the buttons sewed on and it has to be blocked, but on my part it’s finished.

Finally, my favourite knit of last year. It needs to be shared because it’s too cute! I’ll confess I’m not 100% sure it hasn’t been shared by me already in the past, but Mason deserves the spotlight. Just look at that face.

My Dear Bear Mason, a knitted teddy bear, face detail

My Dear Bear Mason, a knitted bear, wearing yellow overalls and a neckerchief

That’s it from me in the realm of knitting. In the realm of blog posts however, I’m happy to tell you I’ve written a new one on dryer balls and why they are amazing. If you’d honour me with a read, I’d be deeply grateful.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite make of the year is so far, I’d love to know!

17 thoughts on “A little bit of knitting here and there

  1. Starting from the bottom up (sounds like a drinking salute but it is waaay to early in the morning here. Mason is fabulous! Very handsome and his trousers remind me of those gorgeous ones you made for yourself and your Mam. (Incidentally Leonor, I know I already asked you this and you did respond, fair play, but could you let me know the name of that pattern again. I’m in the mood to make something πŸ™‚
    The little one’s jumper is beautiful, so many stitches – your friend must be absolutely delighted with it. Love the colour too.
    I saw your goth jumper on social media and thought it looked divine on you. It’s a pity you are finding it is too big but happy the friend who you gift it to. Definitely make another one ‘cos it’s gorgeous!
    Your ‘pineapple with eyes’ actually looks to me like one of those mad baby cartoons. The few tufts of hair at the top of the head!
    Love your mohair jumper – perfect to snuggle into now that the colder weather is hitting.

    1. I’m so glad you like Mason too, Helene! He is adorable and I’m tempted to make another one to keep (that one was gifted).

      The trousers are called Arthur Pants and they are by Sew Liberated πŸ™‚ I’ve actually received some boiled wool fabric from Germany yesterday to make yet another pair!

      My friend hasn’t received the little cardi yet, and if she’s not delighted I shall tell the cats to never sit on her lap again πŸ˜‰

      The tufts of hair are exactly what make me think of pineapples, no idea why. As for the mohair jumper, it is indeed cosy and warm – and spreads fibres around the flat, the husband and the cats very generously!

    2. Thanks for the details of the pattern Leonor. I love getting packages through the post – I hope your fabric wings its way to you quickly.
      Not sure why this comes to mind but I will throw it into the mix. I heard somewhere that if you put mohair in the freezer it is less likely to shed. A quick shake before popping it on will apparently release the fibres (just looked that part up!).

  2. Mason is lovely – his hands in his pockets and his expression give him such character.

    All of your knitting is so good – the mohair sweater is simply beautiful. Please let us know what you decide to do with the oversize jumper – it must have taken a lot of concentration to achieve that pattern!

    1. Thanks, Lyn! I don’t think of myself as that great a knitter (still lots – lots! – to learn) but I’m very happy with the fact I can usually muster a wearable garment or two πŸ™‚ The Dead of Night jumper might become my next blog post, as I’ll be attempting to shrink it and then blocking it.

      Honestly, the pattern isn’t hard once you get into the rhythm of things. It’s fairly logical if you know where you are, but I did have trouble understanding how to read the chart in the beginning πŸ˜€ Ended up using the written instructions instead…

  3. Haven’t you been the busy one?! I think you are a fabulous knitter and can’t believe you don’t think your are that great a knitter. You are leaps and bounds ahead of me as I don’t knit at all and don’t even know where I would start. I love Mason and all your other pieces are fab.

    I am not sure what my favorite make is this year, perhaps the Edgar book and doghouse box. I enjoyed that because it was a challenge and not something I had constructed before.

    1. I sure don’t feel busy, Ruth! Not in knitting, at least, haha πŸ˜€ I wish I had more garments on their way so I could enjoy them in the cold, but I’ll admit I’m probably suffering from that blind spot of not noticing what I’ve *already* done!

      Mason deserves all that love. He’s so cute. I need to knit another one for me…

      The Edgar book is fabulous. You’re so right in having that in one of your top makes πŸ˜€

  4. Love all your knits, Leonor. Compared with me you are a very skilled knitter (I sometimes knit in some deliberate mistakes early on as I know they will happen eventually so I may as well make it look like I meant to do it!).

    Everything is great in itself but they are also all so different – appropriate for their person. The Day of the Dead jumper is my favourite. I look forward to seeing you rescue it for yourself.

    1. Thanks, Lindsay. Everyone’s comments have made me think I might be taking my knitting skills for granted πŸ™‚
      Ha, I know what you mean about mistakes! I make them too, but I’ve found out if I notice them, I have to go back and correct them, or I’ll be annoying myself forever for not having done so… Now, once I see what I did wrong, I don’t even question whether or not to tink back the work, I just do it. No point arguing with myself when I know the outcome!

      Once I finish the sleeves on my jumper I’ll see what I can do. Eek, I’m nervous πŸ˜€

  5. Amazing knitting. The skulls are great, I would have kept it, I like oversized sweaters.
    Now mohair I just can’t stand even though it looks so pretty. Just thinking about it makes me itch.
    Your bear is adorable, his pants are wonderful and his face so appealing. How did you manage to give him away.
    I don’t knit but have had a bit of a bug of wanting to have a try. But of course I want to knit something beyond my skill level. I never have been good at practising.
    I can hardly think of what I have made this year.

    1. Thanks, Ann. I’m still undecided on the Dead of Night, but I’m 5″1, if the jumper gets too big it’ll make me look like a child πŸ˜‰
      I’m so sorry mohair makes you itch! With me, it’s alpaca. Can’t wear it – especially on my feet! I’ve got a few hand knit socks that won’t get any wear unless I put a pair of cotton socks between me and them…

      I can always make more bears, that’s the beauty of knitting πŸ˜€ You’ll be flabbergasted to know I didn’t give Mason away once, but twice!

      If you do try knitting, share with us. I’d love to see.

  6. the bird sweeter is FABULOUS! i dont think you should frog it or give it away (though as i did say its is fabulous) can you felt the center so it is firm enuff to cut. at this point merging the two skulls on ehter side of center into a center front skull? at the wast you could fuge it a bit more like an elongated dimond shape rather than a true strate line. if you added a zipper it would then be an outer layer which is alowed to be a bit bulkyer to fit over other layers. i am not realy a knitter so this may be a proposterous or haneusly not alowed idea. if its not some crime agenst nitting then it mite let you keep such a sepectaular pattern to enjoy for your self?
    i like the neck and shoulder line of the peach one too and your teady bear is extreemly cute. knitting is just such an amazing skill!! i am very impressed with yours!

    1. Glad you like it, Jan! I do love that pattern too. I am considering steeking the sides (that’s the technique where you cut the yarn and then rejoin it elsewhere to make it smaller) but I’ve never tried it, so am not sure if I want to practice with this project.
      Ha, the beauty of knitting is that I can always make myself another one πŸ˜€ I can make someone else happy by giving this away and gift myself another.

      You see the child cardigan as peach? Interesting! To me it’s a blush pink!

      Mason thanks you. I’m always amazed by the talent of pattern creators and how they manage to create animals from knitting. I’d be needle felting a bear if it was me!

  7. Oh wow Leonor you have been a busy bee completing such an array of different items….beautiful. Anyone would be thrilled to be gifted one of your creations.

    I must admit that Mason rather caught my eye….his face & stance, not to mention his yellow pants. Absolutely ‘YES’ you must knit one for yourself! He needs to keep rabbit company!
    How did you manage to gift him – twice?

    For me – Knitting = arrrgh yuk, whilst Crochet = brill, but we’ve had this conversation before.

    In terms of makes for this year – I have several UFOs & some experimental elements thus far. Of the items I have managed to complete – I’m torn between ‘Barnie’ & ‘Pioneer’ (more another time).

    1. Thanks, Antje πŸ™‚ I’ve been having fun (and trying not to overdo it, plus keep a good posture – otherwise my neck will hate me!)

      Mason is rather fetching, isn’t he? I really love him.
      Ha, I managed to gift him because I’ve got the pattern and can always make him again! I learned a lot from the first try (it’s meant to be knit flat and then sewn together, I decided to make the second one in the round) and would love to see if my third one is the best one yet… I might have to buy wool for this guy πŸ˜€

      I wish I could do crochet as well, but my wrists really hate me when I do. However, do I really need another rabbit hole?…

      We need to see your experimental items! I do love your makes…

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