2022 Second Quarter Challenge

2022 Second Quarter Challenge

A big ‘thank-you’ to Jan for suggesting the idea for this quarter’s challenge, so come on everyone – let’s get inspired to just have a go!

Take a short walk from your door, perhaps just into your garden or a few hundred yards up the road.

Really look at things that you might usually pass by without noticing the detail.

Take photos or make sketches that could inspire you to felt, knit, weave or sew something – be it a small sample or a finished piece.

Look up as well as down.


Flaking paint.

Tree bark and lichen.


Look closely at small flowers.

Church window.

Bath time.

Snail shell.

Lichen, moss etc.

Wrought iron.

Colours, textures and patterns.

Annie made a flippant comment about one of the photos above, and after having a good laugh, we both thought ‘Why not?’  So now I have the inspiration for my challenge piece!

We would love to see photos of challenge pieces and it’s now very quick and simple to upload your photos – please use the link below.


13 thoughts on “2022 Second Quarter Challenge

  1. What a great idea for a challenge Lyn. Its a very accessible theme that requires no research and opens up the challenge to absolutely everyone! I hope this inspires lots of photo submissions on the new community page too.

    1. We have Jan to thank for the idea for the challenge! It only took us a very short time to get our inspiration photos and it made us look at our surroundings differently.

      I think the moderators have a done a great job in making it easy for everyone to submit photos and we hope it encourages people to share their work.

  2. Great idea! Standing in my backyard transplanting trees looking around thinking hmmmm what looks fun? Thanks!

  3. Great challenge, this is something I do a lot and it’s always inspiring to create something from the photos. I love, love, love the peeling paint photo and of course the textures and nature up close. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations 🙂

  4. This is such an accessible challenge Lyn. I love the lichen and the flaking paint photos – in truth they are all yummy and inspiring. Now that uploading photos is a cinch I hope lots of our readers take part. Can’t wait to see the results!

    1. Not only accessible but achieveable – the challenge entry could be just a small sample! It’s amazing how much inspiration there is within a few yards of your door.

  5. This challenge encourages everyone not only to look but to….’see’….something I was actually doing yesterday in Bristol museum. It is also very timely for me as I’ve been exploring & researching lichen etc since January. Having admitted this, i’ll now have to get my fingers busy – no excuses!

    I’m sure it will inspire folk to get creative & proudly upload their photos. Exciting times are ahead for everyone.

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