Beginning a Large Nuno Felted Landscape

Beginning a Large Nuno Felted Landscape

Having run out of already felted nuno backgrounds, I decided to try a large landscape and create it in a mosaic type of nuno process as opposed to one piece of dyed silk. I got out my remaining already dyed silks to see what was available. After looking at what I had, I decided on a sunrise or sunset with the sky being around two thirds of the landscape.

I started with a large piece of white prefelt, fluffed it up with a brush to make sure it would felt more easily. Then I added a very light layer of merino in the colors of the landscape. I used short fiber merino hoping it would help “glue” the small pieces of silk. I then wet down the wool before applying any silk.


I started with the sky and continued to wet down all the silk pieces as they were laid out.

I kept working my way down trying to make sure that there weren’t any completely straight edges on the silk. I did add bits of wool underneath the silk if there was more than one layer of silk. Once the sky was finished, it was on to the mountains and the foreground.

I added silk for the mountains and the foreground. I decided to add some green wool on top for some pine trees and to soften the edges between the foreground and the more distant mountains. Then on to felting.

Here’s the piece after it is partially felted. It did require a lot of careful rubbing but most of the silk stayed in place and adhered to the wool.

Here is the piece after being completely felted. I decided for now to call this piece Montana Sunrise. I am going to add stitching and more detail to the foreground but that’s for another post. The finished size of the piece is approximately 16″ x 30″.

22 thoughts on “Beginning a Large Nuno Felted Landscape

  1. This is looking great Ruth. I love skyscapes and you can really see depth in yours.
    Looking forward to the next post about this.

    1. Thanks Ann, this is the first piece I have created that had so much sky and I really enjoyed creating it. Next post coming soon!

    1. Thanks Karen, it is actually using both hand stitching and machine stitching in different ways. Certainly not as much hand stitching as my really slow stitch piece.

    1. Thanks Sherry, the colors came from my scrap bag of silks. I decided to use what I had and the results were better than expected.

    1. It is definitely warmer than my usual landscapes. Loads of yellow 🙂 The stitching definitely changes the look, more to come!

  2. Oh Ruth, I absolutely love this. I know you’ve called it a Montana Sunrise, but you transported me back to my son’s wedding, when they took me to the Sandia mountains in New Mexico to watch the sunset. Such beautiful memories for me, and your beautiful piece really touched my soul. Thank you so much ❤️

    1. Thanks Lisa, it could definitely be a sunrise anywhere in the western US. So New Mexico works 😉 I’m glad it brought back some nice memories for you.

  3. Ruth, thanks for sharing your process. I think this piece really does look lovely and you completely fulfilled your brief on this one.

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