Mixed Media Stitching

Mixed Media Stitching

This last week I joined a free to everyone stitch camp not knowing what we would be doing. The idea being that you get a short instructional video every day for 5 days and it will be a surprise and inspirational and push you to think outside the box. I knew there was cloth and pain and stitching so it seemed interesting.

I gathered some cloth and paint and things to make paint marks.


The idea was to make one painted piece leaving lots of open or negative space and one with only a little negative space. separate colours with a little of the other colour in each. I picked a white background and yellow and blue as my other colours as I could get that paint and had other pieces of cloth in those colours too. I was going to do turquoise but the store was out of it.


I like the one with more negative space the best.


Next was to cut them up and piece them back together. I cut them into 3×5 inch pieces.  I was going t make one long piece and then do stitching on the whole thing. as I tried to piece them together I was not happy with them so I made two shorter strips. I didn’t really like them and wasn’t sure I would bother doing the stitching. Ruth suggested making a book with the pieces instead of a long strip and I think I like that better. I forgot to take a picture of them before I unpinned them.


I reassembled them as pairs to sew together. I will do some stitching on them and then attach them to a backing and make a book. Not sure if it will be a regular book or maybe an accordion book that could stand up on its own. I will see how it goes.

and these are some individual pieces I liked but couldn’t find matches for

I enjoyed the process and the camp Facebook group was inspirational. If I was going to do it again I wouldn’t use a white background. I would make fewer blocks of paint and more shapes. I would also mix the colours more and aim for something between a little and a lot of negative space. I know some of you joined the stitch camp. Did you enjoy it? how far along have you gotten?






15 thoughts on “Mixed Media Stitching

  1. Good for you getting all that done. So far, I have watched all the demos! LOL We shall see where I go from there.

  2. Yes, the one with more negative space is the best and not using a white background sounds like a good idea. Like the colours you chose! Good luck with the stitching Ann.

    We had a go – got as far as cutting up the fabric – but got no further. We think it would have been best to watch all the videos first, but we went day by day and regretted it.

    1. Thanks Lyn. yes I think seeing them all would have been better and now seeing what some of the more experienced stitchers did, ( I think they had attended before) doing their own thing would have helped too. when your a beginner or novice you like to follow the teacher more.

  3. Hi, You have created some lovely pieces. Yes I did stitch camp. I adored the paint sloshing process, and even the cutting up and matching. I started to sew but quickly realised I didn’t like them enough to go further. I would use calico instead of the White cotton sheeting and like you use less paint, and more thought. I posted them on my sewing blog, https://avoiceyhroughstitch.wordlress.com

  4. I think all of these are good, Ann. If you don’t do a book, you could also use them for greeting cards. Or cut them even smaller and collage with them. If the white is bothering you, you can overdye the fabric. Loads of possible experiments to try. Have fun!

    1. So far I like the idea of an accordion book. but I may change my mind. I will have to try dying some of them. I think its cotton or linen. That should dye easily enough.

  5. it is an intersting project. i am intreeged by what it will look like witht he stitching, i think the acordian fold will be most sucsessfull to show off your stitches as well as show the adjacent blocks. i had some pices of interfacing it was on the chair in the living room…. glenn moved the chair….. i am not sure where he moved the interfacing, (its not realy a mess if you know where everything is.) if i can find it i will see if any of it looks like it would work for eather befor or after stitching.

    1. Thanks Jan. I haven’t tarted stitching yet, I seem to be in full out mode at the moment. I will get back to full stop soon.( I only have to modes) than I will have time. I think I have some iron on stabilizer. I have thought of tacking one to a larger piece and using my hoop to sew it but may be using stabilizer to iron it to a larger pieces would work.

  6. Ann,
    What a neat project! I love all the pieces you created, but especially the ones with more negative space. I’m especially fond of that natural linen color background. It looks so neat and crisp. I think the last (unmatched) samples would make terrific printed fabrics! I think a free standing book would be perfect.

  7. Loved your work Ann. I did sign up for the camp but actually ran out of time so didn’t manage to participate. i like the idea of producing a book with these pieces. Gorgeous colours!

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