2022 Challenges Gallery

2022 Challenges Gallery

Entry by Cindy M.

I was delighted to see the 2nd Quarter Challenge – it is perfect for the piece I just made -a close up of Saguaro ribs. I have been admiring the light and shadows on the ribs on the saguaros in my backyard. I made a few small saguaro felt sculptures trying some different techniques to get some textures. I then had an idea to make a close up of the ribs -thinking that the Shibori process would work for image I was seeing. I made a piece of prefelt with layers of colors, then stitched with running stitches to make the “ribs” and between the ribs for design purposes. I then continued to felt and full the project by hand. I cut small snippets out of the top of the “ribs” to unearth/see the colors underneath. Felted a little more to heal the cuts. I am very happy with the final piece – shown here on a piece of felt and wood frame. I enjoy working with fiber every day and find it amazingly wonderful all the ways you can work with it! Hope you enjoy! cindy 🙂


Entry by Marie E.S.

Needle felt and stitch attempt to recreate the moss-covered stone in my garden, for the 2nd quarter challenge.



Melissa O

For my 2nd quarter challenge, I took a photo of chipped paint on the side of a building and then created a large (about 4ft long) multilayer design with nuno felt at the back followed by a layer of joomchi paper rods, free motion embroidered cheesecloth and finally more joomchi paper on top. I decided it needed to be a wall hanging and added a series of felt ropes as my interpretation of macramé. When I hung it on the wall, a completely different image emerged – I thought it looked like a dress! I added another series of ropes as a “belt” and am calling this one done. Having seen some of the dresses at the Met Gala this week, I think this would have fit right in. 🙂

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