Glorious Devon Part 2

Glorious Devon Part 2

At the end of Part 1 I mentioned that I had made a tracing of the basic position of the main features of the picture, with the intention of using that to mark the important features onto the background by stitching.

These pictures show the tracing, and part of the initial background marking.

This picture shows all the marking out I have done at this stage, as I like to work these pictures from the far distance first and work towards the foreground, so that I have a better chance of getting perspective and depth right. The tracing is still intact as I have just released it from the backing by running a needle along the line of the stitches, cutting though the tracing paper without (so far) tearing it.

You may note that the tracing does not show the horse. I made a separate tracing of that, so that I can place it correctly when the picture is sufficiently advanced and so that I get the size right.

The next step is my palette of felt “paints” Having collected from my stash of merino tops those colours that I thought might be useful, and using my dog comb-carders, I started to blend various colours to create those I would need for the hill in the far background.

However as I was doing it in the evening, using my daylight lamp, I found that it is not really “daylight”, just bright. When looked at in the real daylight it was clear that most of the colours are wrong. After I had used them to fill in the far distant hills, I saw that they looked even more like sky than in the original photo. So I enlarged that section of the original photo and used that to recreate the palette.

The hills still look a bit on the blue side in this picture, but not as blue as I had needled into the picture. Also it is clear that in my picture I had not made the nearer hills misty enough. So I set to and removed all the colours I had added and did some more blending in the real daylight.  Here is what I managed to come up with by sitting beside the window while I was doing it.  It was a bit overcast  outside but I understand that that is the best light to work in if you haven’t got a north facing window.  Mine faces west and when the sun is shining in the afternoon I can’t see for squinting.

Here’s what I came up with. Much better.

I’m going to have to try to find replacements for the carders though, one of the handles has snapped off. My husband’s “patched” it with a bit of brass and some screws (he works in metal!) but it won’t last much longer. Mind you they don’t owe me anything, I bought them about 6 or 7 years ago and I only paid £1. each for them!

So now I have to go back to the picture and remove what I have done; and on Thursday, when my friend is reopening her workshop, I’ll have a full day to make a fresh start.  I can’t wait.

In fact I’ve just been to a second full day’s workshop so I’ve made fair progress.  I have added the Golden Mean lines so that I can make sure that I can show things that I want to emphasise where I want them to be “artistically”.

My last picture shows where I’ve got to todate. Watch this space!

15 thoughts on “Glorious Devon Part 2

  1. Thanks Lyn, I haven’t had much chance to add much more to it so far and life outside covid is hotting up so it may not be as quick to finish (!) as I’d hoped. I’ll keep at it though.

  2. Interesting…useful…..look forward to hearing more….I am in glorious devon also!

    1. Lucky you, though I’m in North Dorset – not too far away.

  3. I love seeing your piece coming to life. You have a wonderfully discerning eye when it comes to colour. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

  4. Your piece is coming a long. The grid really helps to keep things were they are supposed to be. The colours work really well. I am looking forward to seeing your progress and the final piece.

  5. Thanks Ann. Progress may slow a bit from now as our AmDram group is up and running again and we’re working on putting on an Adult Cabaret in August. That really takes the mind off lock down!

  6. Colors in the background are really hard. You think you have them right but then you put more foreground in and they colors “change”. And looking at them in different lights really adds a wrench to the process. But it looks like you are progressing well after the redo. Nice idea for transferring the design, I look forward to seeing more progress. But I’d love to hear how the Cabaret in August goes too. Are you making costumes?

    1. Thanks Ruth. I always label my pictures to say that the view changes depending upon the light, the distance from the picture and the angle of viewing. It’s amazing what you can see from one angle that you didn’t notice before.
      I doubt I’ll be making any costumes for the cabaret. We’ve got a fairly extensive wardrobe to choose from. We are however already looking at the Panto which will take place (Covid willing!) next February. We’re doing The Little Mermaid, and I’ve been asked to dress and make up the Sea Witch, who is to be half octopus half human woman. So I’ll try to remember to take lots of photos for a future post.

    1. Thanks Marilyn.
      I hope it won’t be too long before I can post again.

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