Slow Stitch Progress – Filling in Negative Space

Slow Stitch Progress – Filling in Negative Space

Here’s the progress on my slow stitch project. I am still stitching away about 15-30 minutes per day on this piece.

The last time I showed you, it looked like this.

First, I added some more darker values with the deep purple thread in the mid ground area. Then because I thought that I needed a little more contrast in that area, I added some deeper red orange to look like more foliage.

Then on to working on the foreground trees. Here, I was looking at negative spaces and giving some darkness and shadow to delineate the tree trunks. I am continuing to use seed stitch and used a neutralized dark green in between the tree trunks. Since the stitches are so small, this definitely is in the slow stitch category. I am still working on the right hand side. Once that’s finished, I have more tree trunks “to pull out” on the left side.

And here’s how the entire piece looks as of now. I may need to darken up the shadows between the foreground trees and I have to decide what to do on the left hand bottom corner. The foreground trees will get some stitched leaf additions too. Plus the foreground will need work in front of the trees. I am definitely enjoying this project more since I’m not trying to force working on it for longer stretches.



12 thoughts on “Slow Stitch Progress – Filling in Negative Space

  1. Filling in the background around the tree trunks is really making a difference. It does look a little misty at this stage though, which tends to be how longer distances are depicted. I have learned a lot by watching some of Bob Ross’s painting videos (currently being shown on BBC Iplayer ) I’m not keen on his “chocolate box cover” style, and I know he’s working in oils not textiles, but I have learned a lot about perspective and the illusion of depth from watching him work. It is also as relaxing as they say to watch.
    I think your picture is going to be really good Ruth and I’m enjoying watching it develop. Little and often, seems to be the way to do it too as you come back to it with a clearer eye.

    1. Thanks Ann, yes, I agree, the depth/distance still isn’t quite right for the foreground trees. I also use painters perspectives to learn although I am not a huge fan of Bob Ross. So loads more to do to get it right but it is progressing as you say, little by little on a daily basis.

  2. Agree with Ann – watching it develop is fascinating and you’re probably enjoying it more by coming to it for short periods each day.

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