Felt for Needle Books

Felt for Needle Books

Not too long ago I saw some nice needle books for sale and thought I would like to make some too. It seemed to be in my and my machine’s sewing ability. They will be fun adding stitching later too.  First I had to make some nice felt for the covers.

I started with two layers of white.

and added some colour and pattern

I found an old piece of prefelt

It wasn’t as thick as I wanted so I added a layer of fibres to one side.

and some other bits that were thicker.

Then, because I must be able to embroider sheep, I made a meadow.

Next, I had to cut them to size. I went looking and couldn’t find anything that looked like a standard size, so I cut them to what I thought would be usable sizes. Some larger and some smaller, depending on the piece of felt and what I thought would work.

I cut some middles. Each piece of felt has a needle and pin piece and a pouch piece. When they are sewn in there will be 2 pouches (front and back) and 2 pin pieces ( in the middle). I am wondering If I should add another needle and pin page or something else. What do you wish your needle case had in it?


17 thoughts on “Felt for Needle Books

  1. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out. I am still using one my daughter made at school and was thinking that I might need to make a new one soon before it falls apart. 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see them finished! Lovely colours and patterns. Can’t think of anything else needed in the cases – you’ve thought it through well. I guess this works for the 2nd quarter challenge too something useful you can use ins the sunny weather. portable pins and needles for outdoor sewing.

  3. Great looking colour combinations. For me, maybe an extra pair of ‘pages’ as it’s good to keep different types of needles together (eg sewing, beading, darning). In fact I don’t have a needle case so maybe I could do with taking on a similar project.

    1. Thanks Lindsay. I am thinking another set of pages would be good. to many is better than not enough. You should make one. its a small project you can do while stuck at home.

  4. I need reading glasses to sew and tend to keep them strewn about the house. So if the pouch could hold a spare pair of reading glasses that might be a bonus. A small pin cushion might also be helpful.

    1. I don’t think they could fit inside but may be if I make a long tie that went around the whole thing the glasses could be wrapped in.

  5. Looking forward to seeing them finished.
    I use a needle case (book – seems a better word) and I have 4 pages in total which are full with different needles. Sadly as I’ve got older I don’t use some and my favourites have all Got one thing in common….large eyes!

    1. Thanks, Antje. Yes, large eyes are very nice. I just got some easy threading needles. The thread goes in form the side. I haven’t tried them yet but they look like they would work better then the ones that are H shaped. When you pull a thread to hard, they thread pops out of those.

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