2020 Second Quarter Challenge

2020 Second Quarter Challenge

We think it likely that many people associate handmade felted, knitted or woven items with providing warmth in the darker months, so the ‘Personal Items’ challenge for this quarter is to make something that you could use in sunny weather.

It can be as simple or as complicated as you choose but most importantly it’s a challenge so perhaps try new colours or designs or something just a little different from your usual style.

Don’t take this too seriously though – it’s meant to be fun!

The first thing we all do at this time of year is to try to find our sunglasses so that we can read outside in the garden or on holiday.

This Kindle and these sunglasses could do with handmade cases to protect them and make them pretty and a textile bookmark would be very useful for the paperback.

kindle, book, sunglasses

Hmmm,  how about a lightweight sleeveless top or a delicate shoulder wrap and of course a sunhat is essential.

Annie said she wanted a new sunhat – one that would make a statement – so I made her one.  I don’t think it’s quite what she had in mind though.

Annie's statement sunhat

It would be good to have a pretty tote bag for all those things too wouldn’t it?  A bag could be made from scratch or a simple jute bag could be purchased then embellished with textile panels or hand embroidery.

In January 2013 I embellished a plain jute tote bag with fabric scraps from an old skirt and a bit of rough machining.  The bag is still in use – it’s a bit grubby now but still pretty.

Jute bag

So whatever your skill level please enjoy this challenge and post your photos on the forum for us all to enjoy!


21 thoughts on “2020 Second Quarter Challenge

  1. Love that hat photo and the very pretty bag. Nice challenge. I will get my thinking hat on.

  2. Thank you Lindsay. We hope the challenge will suit everyone no matter whether a beginner or pro.

    1. Oh dear Ruth – maybe I won’t mention the tulips, daffs, wallflowers, magnolia, hyacinths and primroses I have – the photo of the chair above was taken 3 days ago in my sunny garden. It’s not hot though – we managed about 14C (57F) today – but ok with a jacket on.

  3. This sounds like a great challenge. I will have to see what I can think of. I ususlly get a spark when I see what others are doing and then I am off down a side path.

    1. By the way, the photo of Annie and me was taken before ‘social distancing’ in case you’re wondering.

    2. Hey Lyn, we’ll have to put “previously recorded” on the photo like they are doing on the TV shows now. 🙂

    3. Yes Ruth – that’s a good idea! By the way the hat was a really good bit of fun – you should have seen her face when she first saw it!

  4. Lyn love the hat & the photo shows you both had fun with the making & receiving.
    An interesting challenge you’ve set us….I’ll have to think about it.

    1. We love the challenges – they can make us rethink things.

      Annie and I always have a good laugh when we get together – even when we’re being serious about something, it can easily degenerate into hilarious ridiculousness.

    2. Hilarious ridiculousness is good for the body & soul, especially in combo with giggles!

  5. Your appliqué bag is lovely and that’s a terrific photo of Annie in the hat…..or is it Carmen Miranda? This is another great challenge Lyn. I’ve only ever made one “garment” which was a waistcoat. It was a Dagmar Binder workshop and was one of the first things I ever made…..its sooooo thick it stands up on its own!!! Needless to say, never been worn, and never will be so I just might try doing another for this challenge.

  6. Thank you Karen – Annie makes a wonderful Carmen!

    Good luck with making a lightweight waistcoat.

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