I haven’t managed any felting this last little while but I have been doing some spinning. I spin on my drop spindle, making small balls I use to decorate my felt. I did have a wheel at one point in my spinning journey. I had an Ashford Traveler. It was a very nice wheel but it ended up sitting in a corner gathering dust, so I sold it.  My favourite wool preparation right now is rolags. The wool just seems to draft so easily.

I’ve spun up most of this blue.

I did a ball of regular yarn and one of thick and thin. I can do both these very well but am having trouble making consistent and thick yarn.

I also have these nice orange-yellow rolags I am working on.

I’ve only done one ball of this so far. I had just wound it off into a wall when I took this so It has some cardboard in it so the center doesn’t collapse.

and lastly some wool I won at the Rosepath Auction at my guild in December. This is a funny cross between an auction and a draw. I spun the smaller ball of this and gave the rest to my friend Judy as she had tried to win it as well. I am not sure what this is other than wool and silk. At least we think so. Bernadette burned some at one of our guild socials and it stunk up the place like burned hair.

and here is the ball.

I have a lot of these balls more than I am ever really going to need for felting. I do make some small skeins, 11 yards, to sell.  That is enough to cover an 8-foot scarf quite densely. I don’t knit crochet or weave so not sure what else I could do with it. maybe some crewel work or rug hooking/punching maybe, because I need another fibre hobby. LOL





13 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. You’re an inspiration 😊! I have a drop spindle, spinning wheel new and used, and fiber ready to spin for many years. I’m definitely going to start somewhere! Thank you!

    1. Thank you. start slowly with the park and draft method on your drop spindle and let your hands learn the movements. don’t expect anything other than lumpy uneven yarn for a while. but that’s ok you are just learning.

  2. We love the delicate variation of colour in your handspun yarn and it’s perfect for felt inclusion.

    You could use some yarn, soaked in pva, to cover balloons – like a random net – let it dry then pop the balloons. You can insert wrapped sweets/novelties in small balloons before inflation, then after the yarn is dry and you pop the balloon you have a cute gift.

    You can yarn wrap just about anything – lampshades, vases, bangles (ooh, and what is the current challenge?)

    And of course, don’t forget pom-poms.

  3. OOOH! This post is so timely for me. Your yarns are lovely…..great colors in your rolags! I have been playing around with a spindle. I just bought a Navajo spindle as I heard they are good for making art yarns. I have been using a lot of tussah and even some rayon roving. When I set the yarn, do you know if you treat yarn made with a lot of tussah or rayon the same as wool (i.e., put it in hot water to set it)? I realize this is a little off topic, but I have to ask! Thanks for any thoughts on the topic and for sharing in your yarn! =)

    1. Thank you. A Navaho spindle is a big one. Your yarns will have to be very chunky. I don’t usually bother setting because of how I am using them. but hot water is good. Just hot out of the tap. and don’t thwack it unless you want a halo on it. Remember though if you are weighing your yarn to get it to hand straight when you wet it again It will get that twist energy back.

    2. Thanks so much for your advice, Ann! As a newbie to spindling, this is very helpful!

  4. I can see why you have (like so many of us) yarn to spare….the rolags are so inviting & the yarn you’ve produced so delicate & variegated.
    30 + yrs ago I bought an old handmade unusual metal upright spinning wheel which I treasured as a featured ‘decoration’. Sadly it is no longer in my possession. Then autumn 2018 I succumbed to a spinning wheel I found for 10 Euros in a junk shop in Germany, fortunately I had travelled there by car! It is sitting with my washed fleeces awaiting my first ever explorations into spinning….your yarn is quite inspiring….all I need now is to locate where I can find ‘time’.

    1. They are so pretty and beg to come home with you when you are at a show. Try a drop spindle with park and draft to lean, you can take it anywhere. I do it at the doctors or any other waiting place. It will teach your hands while going much slower than the wheel.

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