Lovely Locks and the 3rd Quarter Challenge

Lovely Locks and the 3rd Quarter Challenge

I told you I was at Fibrefest in Almonte earlier this month. I only bought one thing while I was there. CURLS!

I went to Adele’s Locks of Love

Jan took this while everyone was setting up.

I bought a bag, how could I resist.

I was very tempted by some green/blue locks but it wasn’t in the budget.

Here is about half of it covering my large laptop.

I started pulling the locks on Monday at the guild social.  It fun to do. so satisfying to see the piles grow.

I will use these ones to make some curly lock pins like these. The 2 greens need more locks yet.

Lastly my 3rd quarter challenge……..I changed my mind from what I showed you before, the futuristic domes on a faraway planet. It just wasn’t working for me. So, I am starting again with a new idea.  Here’s the start.

Exiting isn’t it…..LOL. I hope I can show you some progress next time. Have you thought of something t make for this Challenge? I found it harder than I thought it would be.


7 thoughts on “Lovely Locks and the 3rd Quarter Challenge

  1. Colourful locks are irresistible – it would have been impossible to walk by that stall without purchasing some!

    Who would have thought that ‘cityscape’ would be such a hard challenge? Yet it is.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the brown square Ann !

  2. Ruth is Rite! the locks are overly appealing. i to have caved and have a bag im working on.

    RE your Cityscape i think its a grate start!!
    i think i see your city scape!! you are depicting both the emotional remembrance as well as visual aspects on the commercial industrial architecture representative of a by gone time showing a commercial working town in England seen through the lens of coal induced pea soup fogs of the industrial revelation!
    if you are not sure you have resolved it yet, you could add a bit more hint of smoke stack in the left foreground?

    i have my photo reference taken at different times of the day with slightly different angles over the course of the summer. and still haven’t got it started! at least there is no water in this location! maybe between fleeces it will call me. i have a chocklet Shetland to finish then on to the white super fine packed with lavender (it smells good for an unwashed sheep)

  3. Like you I could not have walked past all those locks without some mysteriously attaching themselves to my person & leaping into my bag to snuggle down!
    I can see Jan’s image so clearly. I can also see your piece as an interpretation of what we in the UK call a ‘brownfield site’.

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