British Quilt & Stitch Village

British Quilt & Stitch Village

Last Saturday I drove over to Uttoxeter to meet up with a felting friend for a visit to the British Quilt & Stitch Village Show. Although this show has been running for 7 years, and has been in my list of places to visit since I started crafting, this was my first time here.

The event is held at Uttoxeter Racecourse and spread over several buildings so, for anyone planning to go next year, I would recommend buying a programme to ensure you don’t miss any of the exhibits.

Most of the traders were geared for quilting and patchwork, naturally, with lots of fabrics and notions and familiar names including Monkey Buttons, Hannah’s Room and The Little Lavender Patch.

There was a good mix of traditional and contemporary quilts on display…..

This is a detail from “Hole Cloth” by Birgitta Scheuller which was overall winner…..

This one, Plastic Ocean by Kathy Unwin, was one of my favourites….

As well as the patchwork and quilting there were several groups of mixed media textile artists exhibiting and it was these ladies we had really gone to see.

This piece was created by Catherine Howard, a member of On The Surface. This garment has been torn seven times and stitched back together in a random, sometimes messy way. It celebrates the imperfections we all have, how life’s struggles leave their scars and shape who we are. On The Surface are a mixed media textile group who support, inspire and encourage each other to develop their own unique styles and preferred ways of working. The group consist of Anna Barrett, Catherine Howard, Deb Day, Jackie Harley, Judith Rowell, Nadine Tabberer, Vicki Townsend-Gee.

The following mixed media work, which we found particularly inspiring, was created by members of the group Un:Hinged…..

There was very little felting on display so it was good to round the corner and get to meet two of the members of Traverse who are feltmakers. Traverse is a group of textile and mixed media artists who came together in March 2017 after studying Experimental Textiles. They began exhibiting in 2018 and the members are Dia Martin, Deb Day, Cath Tyler, Bernice Hopper, Becca Birtles and Vicki Townsend-Gee. unfortunately the light wasn’t wonderful in this part of the building so apologies for the quality of the images…..

We spent a good three hours at the show and met some lovely people so I can certainly recommend it if ever you get the chance.

10 thoughts on “British Quilt & Stitch Village

  1. Wonderful! Wish we lived closer to see this for ourselves – thank you for posting the photos.

    1. Ha, ha….I just wish we were all neighbours…..what a fantastic community that would be to live in! Actually, it’s not far from that being on here I suppose.

  2. Thanks for the report on this show Karen. I always like to see the shows and exhibitions that occur across the pond. It looks like some wonderful work.

  3. Interesting works Karen. Seeing such pieces in the flesh is always very informative I think that is what keeps us going to these shows. Also ideas in different disciplines can cross over to ours….yet another reason to keep us visiting perhaps.

  4. Great looking show. Isn’t it nice to go around a corner and find your people. Felt seems to be gaining respect. I envy you all the shows in so many place but so close together. Ours on west side of the pond always seem to be days driving apart. It would take me 3/4 days of driving to get to Ruth I think and maybe 2 for Marilyn.

    1. Blimey Ann, the thought of having to make a two or three day drive to visit a show would make me think twice! I think we take it for granted here that nowhere is too far to visit.

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