Three Pieces

Three Pieces

We had a couple of new people join the wet felting group at the well being centre the past few weeks, so as usual, I started them off with a ‘beginner’s piece‘, which is my soft, wispy felt. If you’re new or haven’t seen me mention this, basically, it’s a 4 layer piece of felt, which is meant to be soft, and ‘scruffy’ and uneven, and piled with embellishments, and is designed so it’s almost impossible to make a bad piece! This is a red piece I made:

I think most of the fibres I used were Nylon:

This yellow Nylon was less ‘fluffed up’:

Some cotton scrim:

I made a blue piece the next time:

And most of the fibres on this seemed to be soy, and the two best pics were of the soy under cotton gauze. Grey under blue:

And a pinky grey under purple:

On Monday, I was the only one there, so I indulged myself and made a small mat/coaster for my best friend. I used wool tubes (or ‘kebabs’!) and filled in a rectangle on a template, then added Merino. Basically working upside down:

I like looking at these on an angle:

Even closer/more of an angle:

Have you made anything just for you or a friend lately?

10 thoughts on “Three Pieces

  1. Lovely to hear that you have new people coming to your group!
    Sometimes it’s good to just play on your own – the mat is pretty and your friend will love it!

    1. Thanks, Lyn 🙂
      Yeah, it’s really nice seeing people who aren’t really sure at first if they’ll like felting, being really pleased with what they make.

    1. Thanks, ruth 🙂
      And the tubes are so relaxing to make too … probably how we ended up with loads at the centre!

  2. The well-being centre sounds great. There’s so much well being to be had from sharing some creativity with others or even having a bit of creative time on your own. Good experiments, as ever.

    1. Thanks, Lindsay 🙂
      Yeah, couldn’t agree more, sharing is like an endless cycle of inspiration.

    1. Yeah it is 🙂 It’d be good if we got more and they stayed like previously. Yeah, deffo try them, they’re lighter than twists or yarn or thin lengths of roving and give a different result/texture.

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