New York Botanical Gardens

New York Botanical Gardens

I was in New York City last week for vacation and thought I would share some photos of the New York Botanical Gardens. The gardens are inspiring even without further artwork but this summer they are displaying an outdoor Chihuly installation.

I have been to the gardens before and really enjoyed seeing the variety of plants and flowers. They have a wonderful collection of water lilies that seem to be in bloom no matter when you go.

The Chihuly glass really added to the gardens with their bright colors and wonderful shapes.

The glass was spread throughout the gardens and some were inside the various buildings. They even had some of Chihuly’s sketches.

So if you’re in New York City this summer, it is well worth it to go and visit the New York Botanical Gardens. Lots of inspiration and gorgeous colors. Doesn’t the close up of the glass on the left above look like fibers?



25 thoughts on “New York Botanical Gardens

  1. Thank you very much Ruth for sharing these amazing pictures! It’s not often that art pieces add so much to a natural beauty of the gardens. Fantastic!

  2. Thank you Ruth – fabulous pictures! The glass is wonderful and I agree with Felicity that art pieces often don’t gel with the natural surroundings, but these pieces have become part of the planting in a magical way.
    How does the artist work the glass on such a large scale? It’s mindblowing.
    I’d love to have seen these displays.

    1. Thanks Lyn! Chihuly is well known for his large installation pieces. I think he has a big crew that works on these pieces but they are exceptional for sure.

  3. How beautiful Ruth, the glass looks amazing in the garden. So many look alive the way the light hits them. Glass sculpture is one of my favourite art forms. The Corning Factory In NY state has a fantastic gallery.

    1. Thanks Ann, yes, the glass is perfectly offset by the green of the gardens and the natural surroundings. I will have to check out the Corning factory at some point.

  4. Thanks, inspiring! Planning trip to NE which will now include the Botanical gardens in NYC!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Sherry. I do hope you get to go to this show as it is fantastic not to mention that the gardens are gorgeous all on their own.

  5. Hi Ruth- love the photos- I was there as well and have many of the same pix. My artist/friend is doing a watercolor class on abstracts with Chihuly inspiration. Perhaps I can do a felting inspired by one of the pieces I photographed.

    1. Thanks Sandra, it was a wonderful exhibit, wasn’t it? I think a felting piece inspired by these type of photos would be wonderful. Do show us after you create it.

    1. Thanks Kim, yes, Chihuly really does wonderful organic glass forms. Many look so natural that they really fit right in with the plantings.

  6. Great pictures! The Chihuly glass is beautiful and the gardens are a perfect setting. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The vibrancy of the glass is wonderfully contrasted against the green of the gardens. Lot’s of inspiration there. Thanks for sharing, Ruth.

  8. Zowie! What glorious colors are set off by the green of the botanical gardens! Simply beautiful!

  9. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous pieces, Ruth 🙂 Does he have a science/botanical background? It’s amazing he can replicate plants in glass in such detail!

    1. Thanks Zed! I have no idea about Chihuly’s background. I just enjoyed the glass and didn’t read up on him. But his use of organic form is marvelous.

  10. Stunning shapes and colours, a feast for the eyes. I too would have enjoyed seeing all these in close up, lucky you.

    1. Thanks Tracey, it was lucky. I didn’t know it was going on until we got to NYC. But had to go even though I had been to the botanical gardens before.

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