A Few New Things

A Few New Things

We made felt flowers for brooches at the Well Being Centre last week. These are the three layers of one of mine:

I thought I’d found the perfect button when I tried it out:

But just before I sewed it on, I spotted an orange shisha mirror and sewed that on! I haven’t got a photo yet though. I was sorting some felt offcuts a few weeks ago, and thought I’d save some to use for greetings cards because turned sideways they looked like landscapes. I thought it’d be nice to make some new ones too, and was only reminded by someone on the forum (I’ve forgotten who, sorry!) and before I forgot again, I went and made some. I made them quite soft and thin since they’re for cards:

I thought they’d be nice for beginners workshops too. I put a few offcuts to one side while I was sorting, and made a new camera bag. I’ve been using my ‘prototype’ for at least 18 months to see how well it wore.  I suppose it’s two-sided/reversible, but I put the zip so that really this is the front:

I still like the back though, and can flip it if I feel like a change:

While the machine was out, I made a little coin pouch from an offcut:

How two small things can create such a mess though, is a mystery!

14 thoughts on “A Few New Things

  1. I love the little ‘landscapes’ and I’d like to see the flower with its new centre – scrummy colours btw.
    The camera bag is stylish as well as practical and the coin purse looks too pretty to have been made as an afterthought!

    1. Thanks Lyn 🙂
      Maybe not quite an afterthought, I try to be more careful when I cut things out now, to keep as much felt intact knowing that a decent sized offcut can make a coin pouch. I do have fewer ‘nice bits’ for cards though!

  2. You did a lot of work ! I like the camera bags !! Good idea. Like the colors too. An other idea of brooches is a hairbrooch with rubberband 😉
    Love the colors.

    1. Thanks, Jifke 🙂
      Yeah, I bet flowers would be nice on hair bands. I think Ann and Ruth do them on hair clips actually.

  3. Love the colours of the coin purse and the camera bag. I also like how you are presenting pieces on a black background instead of white. I may have to steal that idea……!

    1. Thanks, Tracey 🙂
      I seem to have better luck with accuracy on black (except for Royal Blues and bright reds!) you need a good supply of lint rollers though!

  4. I like the camera case and the coin purse. Will you stitch on the landscapes for more detail? They will make nice cards.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn 🙂
      I did think about stitching, but I’m really not very good and think it would ruin it more than improve! I need to practise 🙂

  5. Nice work Zed! The landscapes are perfect for cards and I am looking forward to seeing the flower with its new center. Looks like your prototype is really holding up well. I need to make some more stuff from my off cuts. The pile just keeps growing. Cleaned up most of my messes so we’ll see how long the room stays clean this time.

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂
      I just re-read what I wrote, this bag is the new one, after wearing my prototype for 18 months I do need one! I know now what works well and what doesn’t though. I constantly re-organise my offcuts. I bought some new clear tubs for them the other day, so now I can stack them, access them and see what they are.

  6. Great flower Zed. The landscapes are good and I was reminded I need to do some of these too. I think you could do some stitching. They are a nice size to practice on. I may have to try some small bags and see how they go. I tried larger bags and project bags but no go here. To many cheap options. I have done pieces similar to the landscapes on hair clips but no elastics.

    1. Thanks, Ann 🙂
      maybe I’ll practise stitching on a plain piece, it always seems a ‘waste’ to try on a good piece 🙂
      Yeah, try bags, or any kind of pouch with a zip, you really never know what people will go for, maybe because you don’t know something is just what you want till you see it! I made myself a camera pouch with belt loop on it, at the same time as the bag, but it wasn’t right for what I needed, so I took it to a fair, and it was ‘exactly’ what someone was looking for!

    1. Aaw, thank you so much Liza Jane 🙂 That’s really nice of you to say!

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