Pandagirl’s Year in Review 2015

Pandagirl’s Year in Review 2015

I really challenged myself the beginning of 2015. I was determined to try free motion embroidery and used Rosiepinks (Lyn’s) instructions for making a round bowl. It turned out nice, but it was a little tense going round and round.

2014-10-28 12.12

My fan has to be the hardest felt project I’ve done so far.  Getting and keeping all those fan blades in place was maddening.

2014-10-31 14.00

Then I began work on making batts and bootie favors for my daughter in law Mari’s baby shower. 60 of them!

2015-02-10 16.00.48

I attempted a felted box.

2015-02-09 11.30.24

A clutch/makeup bag for a new Grandma.

2015-03-12 11.32.24

I gave my drum carder a workout blending colors and making a color wheel for the 1st Quarter Color Challenge.

2015-03-05 15.49.57

Still in baby mode, I felted over a wire baby buggy.

side 2

Cathy and I received our first order from WOW, so the sample making began using wools I hadn’t used before.

2015-04-01 15.55.12

A wine bottle cozy.

back finish

Going back to my roots, I made denim paper, then felted it, and later made a glass case.2015-04-22 15.55.27

2015-07-16 15.25.43


Stepping  out of my comfort zone, I started using neutral colors and some wildly bold combos.

2015-04-14 16.28.52 2015-05-13 15.27

Some wooly fun with my Grandson Luke.

2015-05-31 15.24.41

For a short period, Cathy and had a fish off.

2015-05-21 14.38.37 IMG_1426 2015-06-24 15.13.36

For the 3rd Quarter Challenge I used a color generator, dyed, carded some batts using those colors, then made in Ipad cover.

2015-06-28 15.56.05

My sister invited me to her quilt group for a Trunk Show.


To keep my earrings organized while I travel I made a jewelry roll.

2015-07-27 14.34.38

I tried getting my work space organized.


Cathy and I attended the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival.


Dyeing for special projects.  Some yet to be seen.


A nuno wall hanging for my daughter in law Lia.PART951442274018055950914151919

A challenge in combining techniques to make an elephant pic for my Sister.


The 4th Quarter Challenge – monochrome panda with dimension.


Odds and ends.

20151114_141015_edited-1 20150716_152755

2015-05-21 12.05.29

Making ornaments with my Grandsons.


I had a lot of help this year and want to thank Cathy Wycliff for posting about making arm warmers, learning to make batts, her artist residency in Breckenridge CO, dyeing with natural plants, and Bengala dyes; Zara Tuulikki Rooke for showing us her process for making batts from raw fleece, shearing sheep, lambing in Sweden,  making a rug from raw fleece and sampling different Swedish wool breeds; Leonor Calaca for giving us a virtual tour of the Knitting and Stitching Show in London; Carol Gascoigne (Craftywoman) for submitting her 3rd Quarter Challenge; Lyn (Rosiepink) for her 3rd Quarter Challenge submission; Mary Stori for her advice on beading; and Jill Chadek for sharing her journey to becoming a felt artist.

Happy New Year!  On to new felting journeys for 2016!




26 thoughts on “Pandagirl’s Year in Review 2015

  1. Hei, Pandagirl! This is so fantastic! Thank you!
    Happy new year to you and all my felting – sisters.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. How did you manage to achieve all that? I am in awe at your stamina that you found to make all those bootie favours! Panda is beautiful and I hope he’s displayed in a prominent position so that he can smile down on lots of admirers.
    Happy felting in 2016!

    1. Thanks Lyn! I don’t know where I got the energy for all that. I did take about 3 weeks to work on the booties. Actually, I go to sleep and wake up to the panda everyday I’m home. I suppose I should put her in a more prominent place. Happy felting in 2016 to you and Annie as well!

  3. You had quite a year, Marilyn! Awesome body of work. I enjoyed felting with you and sharing your wooly fun.

    1. Thanks Cathy! Its always fun to get together to felt. I always enjoy learning about your adventures with dyeing as weaving as well. We need some new projects for this year.

    1. Thanks Zed! Yes, it was all done this year. I was surprised myself. Have a happy, fibery New Year!

  4. Thank you for sharing so many fantastic works.The boots are so cute and lovely.I wish you a 2016 full with the best of the world and with lots of inspiration for new and amazing projects.

    1. Thanks Irene! Happy New Year! I hope you have many exciting fiber adventures this year, too!

  5. Thanks for sharing all your great projects – and encouraging us to do the same. I’ve already got a slightly too long list of things I want to try this year, but that is what a friend of mine would call “a happy problem”. 😉

    1. You’re welcome Zara! The lists never seem to get shorter. :-). Thanks again for helping out this last year. We all look forward to more of your posts.

  6. I loved looking at your 2015 projects, Marilyn! It’s wonderful to see all that work done 🙂 Like Zara says above, here’s to many “happy problems” in 2016, may inspiration never fail us and time be never ending. Happy New Year! 😀

    1. Thanks Leonor! I thought I had replied to you when you posted this. Yes, happy problems this year would be nice.

  7. Wow! I’m blown away at how much energy you must have, I’m jealous. What are you? 20 years old? That’s a lot of work for one person but absolutely amazing. You should be really proud of yourself!

    1. Thanks Sherry! I wish I were 20, but I’m retired and am a grandma. Since each of the moderators write a blog every week, we have to stay busy. :-). I also like to challenge myself and create new things. Sometimes the ideas come easy, other times not so much. But it’s fun.

  8. Really great work! I love the texture and color of these projects. You must have enormous amounts of patience. Much impressed!

    1. Thanks Diane! I’m not sure I have a lot of patience, but I love my creative journey.

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