Felting and Stitching

Felting and Stitching

Apart from a couple of pieces for notebooks, and the little flowers, I haven’t made much felt lately. I did stitch some felt notebook covers but it’s been so foggy and dark only one of the photos came out 🙁 It was a cover I made from the stripey piece though, and altough both sies looked great, especially once it was trimmed to size, I went for the stripey side:

book coverI remembered another piece I’ve been adding stitching to slowly over the past year or so. I don’t know if you remember when I tried some prefelt sent to me by Heidi Feathers? Well, the silk I’d used on one of the pieces didn’t attach in a couple of places, so I added some stitching, then a bit more, and a bit more, etc! This is it now:

stitchThis is a fairly recent piece, from within the last few months anyway. I wanted it to look ‘scribbley’, like layers of drawing and scribbles.

scribbleyAnd I know I said I’d show you some of the wet felting class nuno flowers when they were made up, but none of them have been yet, but Jo did bring in one of the dry ones she worked on, so this is it layered up while she hunted for a button for the middle:


15 thoughts on “Felting and Stitching

  1. The colors in all your pieces are singing to me! The scribbly piece with the stitching reminds me of a busy city. Nice work!

    1. Thanks, Cathy 🙂
      I missed out a colon, the scribbley piece is underneath the stitched piece.

  2. All the pieces are great Zed, but love the scribbles. Jo’s flower is terrific, the right button will make those lovely colors pop! It’s very delicate looking.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn 🙂
      Yeah, it is delicate looking, it’s nice how you can get that wispy look with wool.

  3. The cover with the variegated buttonhole stitching is lovely. The stitched piece is just amazing – my eye was drawn all over it for quite a while. Scribbly has ‘depth’ and I think the colours melt together perfectly – that has got to be made into something! Jo’s flower is very pretty and would look good as a winter/Christmas pin on a jacket or jumper.

    1. Thanks Lyn 🙂
      (Poundworld embroidery floss, shhh!) The scribbley piece is only smallish really, but I could always make a bigger one, it took forever with all the fluffing up and pulling off wisps!

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂
      I think it’s done, then I get a new colour of thread that I think will work perfectly!

  4. They are all lovely Zed but I think the stitched piece has captured my imagination the most, it reminds of a favourite computer game from the 80’s, I think it was called frogger and you had to navigate a little frog across multiple lanes of traffic.

    1. Thanks, Teri 🙂
      It’s strange you mention Frogger, I saw that mentioned somewhere fairly recently.

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