Felt Phone and Drink Sleeves

Felt Phone and Drink Sleeves

It seems like a long time since I have felted anything. I needed more phone and drink sleeves to sell at the store so I made four of each.

Felted Phone Sleeves

I make two sizes of phone sleeves since phones are such different sizes these days. These are the smaller ones. I don’t spend a lot of time on the designs as I want to keep these affordable to sell.

The blue sleeve has wool and silk noil, the orange one has dyed flax for the “branches”, the circles on the purple one is from hand made prefelt that actually had two layers of color, light and dark blue, and the floral one is wool, locks and silk throwster’s waste.

Felted Drink Sleeves

Since I had the fibers all ready there, I decided to make matching drink sleeves. Maybe then someone will buy both so they can have matching felt accessories!

So these are made with the same fibers as the phone sleeves. I got everything all labeled and into the store in time for the holiday shopping season. I am in the process of over dyeing some silk and rayon scarves that hadn’t sold to see if I can get them sold. These will also go into the store. Are you making things to sell for the holiday season? I would love to hear about what you’re making so leave a comment or show us on the forum.

23 thoughts on “Felt Phone and Drink Sleeves

  1. Your sleeves look great and are very practical thing to use. I’m sure you’ll sell them all. I am also preparing for different fairs before Christmas, mainly scarves, gloves, caps, slippers, felted soap, brooches, necklaces. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. Hi,
    I also make phone covers but I make a slit on the top side and put a band of felted cord with a button.
    That way it can be attached to purse strap or pants buckle.

  3. Good luck selling your Christmas gift items. I am going to make slippers for my two sons, something I wanted to do last year. I have the lasts, just need the motivation to get going!

  4. Great sleeves and covers Ruth, I admire your discipline, keeping your pieces commercially viable, that is a tough line to walk. As Lyn says, I don’t think anyone will realise you’ve tried to keep the design simple, they are all beautiful.

    1. Thanks Teri – it is a tough line to walk. Lots of my pieces are not really commercially viable so the ones that I do make specifically for selling need to have a streamlined process. Not sure that makes me disciplined, perhaps just practical.

  5. They look really good Ruth, you did a great Job matching them πŸ™‚ I know I’ve not done many fairs, but I’ve never sold a single camera or phone case. I had a case with a mirror in once, and someone looked and said to her friend it would be the perfect size for her Nokia, but then put it back as if it wasn’t ‘allowed’ since it came with a mirror! I’m going to re-purpose my cases with packs of cards.

    1. Thanks Zed. I guess if we could figure out what everyone wants to buy we would be millionaires πŸ™‚ Re-purposing something is always a good idea.

    2. After talking about it on the forum I made little signs and called the cases ‘gadget cases’ and said they were good for phones, cameras, calculators or standard packs of playing or games cards.

  6. I love your works, nice colours and they look so good.I stopped making felt for selling, just for offering, as people here are not willing to pay the right price for a piece so time and work consuming.Maybe three years ago I made, for a Christmas fair,some candle sleeves, very thin and transparent, mostly with thin layers of merino and mohair, with very rough edges inside with the finished with pearls.Of course they were sold with a glass container with a tealight candle.All were in very light shades of blue, white or a little gray, they look amazing, really nice.I sold them all rather easy but at 7,5 euros.Do you believe?I really which you great sales for the coming season.

    1. Thanks Irene. It is very difficult to sell hand crafted work with a high enough price to cover the skill and time it takes to make the work. Your candle sleeves sound beautiful.

  7. Sorry but my comment in line four appear ed with “inside with the” which shoudn’t be there, I just want to say… with very rough edges finished with pearls or similar.Pls apologize.

  8. Your sleeves look great Ruth. I tried some a couple years ago and they didn’t turn out real great. Practice I guess.

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