Brighter Cat Toys and Making a Few Batts

Brighter Cat Toys and Making a Few Batts

Last week I showed you the roving I dyed with Rit dyes and this week, I made them into cat toys as I needed some brighter colors. I have shown how I made the cat toys here.

New Brighter Cat Toys

These definitely fit into the “brighter” category. I always think it is funny when people are choosing what color they want and they have a discussion on which color they think their cat will like. Really?

Blue Green Merino Fleece

I had also dyed some merino fleece so I decided a little drum carding was in order.

Set Up for Carding

Here’s my set up on the coffee table in front of the television. It’s a good activity at night when I’m zoning out in front of the “boob tube”. My mom used to call it that. You can see the dyed fiber on the far left. I picked and teased it apart by hand and ran it through the carder. I got two batts out of it.

Drum Carder

This is a slightly closer view of the carder. My hubbie got it for me for Christmas one year which was a big hit as you can imagine. It’s from Strauch Fiber Company and is very sturdy.

Olive Green Batts

I had some left over green mixed breed fiber so I decided to combine them to make them a bit more interesting. They are both in the olive-green shades although the one on the left is much more yellow.

Close Up of Batt

Here is a closer view of the mix of colors in one of the batts. I am trying to use up bits and pieces of wool so that I will use them so blending them into batts makes them much more interesting.


11 thoughts on “Brighter Cat Toys and Making a Few Batts

  1. Great batts, Ruth 🙂
    I think I’d put myself to sleep carding in the evening, with the swish-swish sound!

  2. Carding in front of the goggle box? My husband would launch the carder out the door if I was swish-swishing wool fibres because he wouldn’t be able to hear the programme.

    The batts are lovely mixes and will make great felt.

    The cat toys are very attractive and the colours will encourage people to buy.

    But as for which colour the cat would like? Oh dear. Have a look at this article.

    1. Thanks Lyn – my husband can’t hear very well so has a pair of blue tooth head sets that he wears to watch television. He can’t hear me at all. I have to wave my hands around to even get his attention.

      Thanks for the article link. I found it amusing that cats have difficulty seeing reds/pinks. It seems to me that people who have these discussions invariably choose red. They like to confuse their cats, I guess.

  3. Nice carder and batts Ruth! Whether the balls are bright or not, the cats will recognize a fun toy when they see it.😄t

    1. Sorry Ruth since Ann posted on FB I didn’t read the byline. 😨
      By the way that was a very nice gift from your Hubby.

  4. The batts look great Ruth. I used to make just wool balls with needled pictures on them for cats and people would spend a long time picking out the one they thought the cat would like. My hubby wouldn’t notice. He falls asleep after 5 min in front of the TV.

    1. Thanks Ann! Yes, the wishes of your pets are very important 🙂

      My hubby is the same way, so he can’t hear or it would just drown out the snoring.

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