Guild Exhibition and Sale

Guild Exhibition and Sale

Last weekend was the Ottawa Valley Weaver’s and Spinners Guild annual exhibition and sale. it was a good weekend all round.

There were demos of both weaving and spinning.

demo 2 demo

There were other felters there, primarily needle felters. These are Nancy’s owls and mixed media birds.

nancy birds nancy owls

These are rides Puppets and a huge Abraham Lincoln.

ride puppets ride lincon

The only things new for me really were Christmas balls, and some hand turned wood plying/knitting bowls I was selling for a friend. I sold 4 of the 5.

bowls christmas balls

It was a fun weekend. I got to chat with lots of new people about felt and it was great to see repeat customers and hear how they have enjoyed there previous purchase’s.  Its great to meet people year after year and know they have enjoyed something you made enough to come back and tell you about it and perhaps purchase more things.

Have you enjoyed any shows this fall?


16 thoughts on “Guild Exhibition and Sale

  1. I like Nancy’s birds and I’m not surprised that you sold most of the turned bowls – they’re lovely. Your Christmas tree baubles turned out to be very pretty – did you sell them all?

    1. She does make lovely stuff. I sold a few balls. I think people thought they were just part of the display, or maybe it’s to early for them. I hope they do better in the next 2 shows. I did sell about 30 felted soaps. I only came home with 4.

  2. Looks like a beautiful show. I have a hard time selling Christmas ornaments in the store. They have never sold well and I’m not sure why. Glad you sold a lot of soap – guess you have to make some more 🙂

  3. Looks like a fun fair and glad to hear you did so well on selling the felted soap! Handmade markets at Christmas time are the best, particularly the ones with fiber.

  4. It looks like a great fair Ann! I’m glad you did well selling all that felted soap! Every little bit helps!

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