The Girls and Happy Halloween!

The Girls and Happy Halloween!

On my last post, “the girls” were fused down to the background fabric and I was ready to start stitching. The stitching is always my favorite part of these caricatures because it really brings the piece to life. After stitching, I used a little paint and colored pencils for the final details. And then I put the piece on stretcher bars. I think I will go ahead and frame it because it will be in an exhibition next summer.

Fused Applique by Ruth Lane, design by Nanci Williams

Here’s the entire piece. The original sketched design was drawn by my friend Nanci Williams. We have begun working on the exhibition and have invited 25 local artists to pick a sketch and make a piece in their preferred media from that sketch. Once the pieces come in, then we’ll take photographs and create a book which we are planning on self publishing.

Fused Applique by Ruth Lane, design by Nanci Williams

Here’s a bit closer view.

Fused Applique by Ruth Lane, design by Nanci Williams

This is Anna Belle,

Fused Applique by Ruth Lane, design by Nanci Williams

Sally Jo,

Fused Applique by Ruth Lane, design by Nanci Williams

Mary Jane,

Fused Applique by Ruth Lane, design by Nanci Williams

and Becky Sue.

And here are there feet – I like how the sandals came out 🙂 The sketch was based on four women that came into the store all together, dressed nearly the same. Of course “Becky Sue” is the odd one out as she had a striped shirt!

The Purple Pomegranate Halloween Window

And since it is Halloween, I thought you might like to see how our windows are decorated at the store. This is another one of Nanci’s creations.

Halloween Window at The Purple Pomegranate

She spent a lot of time creating these scary, spooky birds.

Halloween Window Photo by Jack Dewitt

And the skeleton in the “nest” is still afraid! Do you see the rat? Happy Halloween from all of us here at the Felting and Fiber Studio!


17 thoughts on “The Girls and Happy Halloween!

  1. The ladies are exquisite. The detail is delightful and I feel that they could simply step out of the picture and say ‘hello’.
    This is a piece of which you must be very proud!

  2. Loving the ladies. I especially like the detail of the shadow below the breasts – now that’s thinking like an artist!

    The window looks scary, I wonder if anyone has been afraid to go in? Happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks Leonor. I do like to give them a little dimension otherwise they seem too flat 🙂 The Halloween window doesn’t stay up too long but the kids love it.

    1. Thanks Ann. We have no trick or treaters at my house either. But they have a big downtown trick or treat where the businesses all give out candy. We have hundreds of kids show up.

  3. The ladies turned out great, such beautiful detail and stitching.

    The window displays are wonderful. Happy Halloween!

  4. The girls look fabulous, I love that you have even given them toes! Such exquisite detail, I love it! The window looks a bit scary for me, the skeleton is giving me the heebie-jeebies just looking at the photos…

    1. Thanks Teri – I like their toes too 🙂 That’s why I had to include a photo of their feet. Glad you found the windows scary, I think that was Nanci’s goal 🙂

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