Christmas Balls

Christmas Balls

This last week I bought some empty Christmas ball to fill for an upcoming sale. I am always looking for something a bit different. They are plastic. They are very clear. I had planed on getting glass but theses where so clear  I though it would eliminate the breakage problem.  I was going to get a different shape as well but for some reason a flat circle cost twice as much.

pink 1

First you pop of the top and then add what every you like.

pink 2

You can add anything that fits through the hole. This is silk throwsters waist fluffed up.

pink 3

When it’s full you pop the top back one and your  done.

pink 4 pink 5

I used Blue Faced Leister Curls, some mohair curls, silk hankies fluffed up and some throwsters waste. in a few I added some sparkly angelina.



20 thoughts on “Christmas Balls

  1. I haven’t seen it before either, but it would make a great gift for felters besides attractive ornaments! Thanks for sharing.

  2. They are excellent quality plastic – they look like glass – and the non-breakability of them is a good selling point.
    Very pretty with the wool – I like the addition of the angelina because a bit of sparkle is always attractive.

  3. A good idea Ann and those baubles really do look like glass. I might look for some of those, the g’children would enjoy making them. 🙂

  4. very creative idea. I have to fill a stocking for someone this year, so I think I will add one or 2 of these. People love Christmas ornaments, and more so when they are handmade by someone you know. thanks

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