Just Playing Around

Just Playing Around

I have not been doing  much since the Christmas rush so I thought I would make something I could work on while watching the Olympics.  A bubble necklace seemed to fit the bill.

I started with some off cut peices of prefelt that I had. The red will end up as the underside. It will show in the holes.

prefelt for necklaceprefelt for necklace 3

I added some green silk hankies to the black side.

silk on necklace silk on necklace close up.

I rubbed it a little and then into the dryer

tied upin the dryer

I changed to plastic instead of the shear for the next round in the dryer .

ready to start fulling

This is after finishing the hand fulling. You can see the silk has melted into the wool.

necklace fulled necklace fulled close

I made some felt balls to use to make the bubbles.

small balls ready for the washerI put these through the washer and dryer to make the balls. I am using felt ball instead of marbles because I don’t know how many of the bobbles I will cut open. I use horse tail and mane braiding elastics to make the bobbles.


necklace all the felt balls tied inUp until now I have been calling this a necklace. However I do not know what to attach to it to make it into a necklace. It is quite big so needs something fairly heavy or heavy looking even though the necklace isn’t heavy.  I don’t think I want to use felt rope. Anyway it is long enough to use as a bracelet so it may become that after it is cut.

16 thoughts on “Just Playing Around

  1. I like the silk hanky on the mauve and the red will make an impressive accent through the cuts.

    Things like this can be used as decorative ‘panels’ e.g. stitched onto the outside of felted bags.

    1. Thanks Lyn I always like the marble like effect silk hankies give you. I never make bags, they do not sell well here. I should probably make myself one.

  2. I like it just as it is, maybe you could needle it onto a background to make a sculptural wall hanging 🙂

  3. For a necklace it is probably too big (or maybe not) but I can envisage this as a part of a handbag, or bracelet. I hope you will post a photo when you decide what to do with it. I think blue and red are a wonderful combination especially if you decide to open some of the bobbles.

    1. Big chunky necklaces are in fashion here at the moment but it is a bit much. It will probably end up a bracelet. I will be cutting some of the bobbles but I haven’t done it yet.

  4. Ann, I got lost a bit on how you put the pre felts together. You had two separate pieces, red and black, that you just rubbed a little to get them to felt? How were the felt balls attached to the layered felt?
    I do like how it turned out and agree with Zed that it would be interesting as part of a wall panel.

    1. I cut out the to peices and felted them together. You put the balls in after it is fulled but before it is dry. So they are not felted in. You leave the elastics in after you cut the balls out. Does that make more sence?

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