Getting Ready to Get Some Felting Done.

Getting Ready to Get Some Felting Done.

We cleaned the house for Christmas. It’s always nice if the guests can get in without tripping over something. What that means is everything ended up in my studio space. Most of it is supposed to be there. Wool follows me home so I can work on things while making dinner and watching TV.  While I had a mess anyway, I switched out a dresser/cupboard thing that wasn’t working for one with lots of draws.

full tablefull table 2

As you can see there was lots of stuff.  Here it is all put away.

clean table all sorted

The table is clear and everything is neat and tidy in this corner for now. . The lampshade is one of the things on my to do soon list and the empty boxes are for sorting the next area that you can see just beyond the table. That’s supposed to be my sewing area. Before and after pictures to come.

The other thing that is going on here is early lambing. Here are twins wearing fashionable pink wool jackets because it was -23c the morning they were born. One has ended up in the house on a bottle but the other is doing fine with mom.

lambs in jackets

Temperatures are back to normal, -10ish during the day so things are better. We still have to keep an eye on the sheep and we always put the moms and babes in their own pen for a few days so we can make sure everything is going well before they go to a group pen of moms and lambs.

10 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Get Some Felting Done.

  1. Ooooh that’s cold! I couldn’t cope with such low temperatures. The lambs look lovely in their pink coats.

    I love that dresser with all its different size drawers and it doubles up as extra storage because it’s strong enough to hold loads of stuff on its top.

    That’s a lovely clear table and it just begs you to felt on it.

  2. Wow, that’s really cold! We got down to -18C a couple of years ago. It’s been oddly warm though, plants are sprouting and there’s buds on the trees. My Rosemary is flowering 🙂
    The lambs are cute.
    Your studio looks nice, the dresser and storage boxes work well.
    I got my new desk yesterday, so I’ll be trying to fit everything back in that used to be crammed under the other one. It’s much bigger though so I can leave work out.

    1. It was cold. we do get cold but usually it’s coldest in late January. We are just above freezing today and we are clearing roofs. where I am is a place of extremes +40 with the humidex in summer and
      -40 with the wind in the winter.
      I may get a new book case in the sewing area today. I have to remove the grow light that was for tomato seedlings last spring. Piling everything back onto the sewing table is not really going to get me anywhere. I will take pictures when it sorted.

  3. Ann – it’s a good start to the year when you can get everything organized and ready to work. It’s always hard to concentrate on creativity when there are piles of stuff everywhere. The lambs are adorable in their pink jackets!

  4. Marvelous space, ( love that dresser with the different sized drawers too) the clear plastic containers are great so you can see what is where.
    Little lambs look very cute with their pink coats on. I nearly fell off my chair when I read how cold it is at your place! I watched the video clip of the snow being cleared off your roof and was even more gob smacked, you must be a hardy bunch.

    1. It’s not really that bad. We have the right clothing and if it’s really cold you just stay in and felt. When it snows it’s not usually that cold.

  5. I hope your weather has gotten a bit warmer by now Ann, i’d die in those temps lol You have a great size working table there and those little lambs looks so cute in their pink jackets lol

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