Oganising and waiting

Oganising and waiting

Well as most of you know I’ve been packing up the house in readiness for new flooring, ( polished concrete ) thought I’d take some pics of what I’ve been packing away and if anyone ever hears me say I need more wool, you’d better shoot me  lol

But ooops , to late,  because  I’m waiting for another order  of  wooly cupcakes from etsy, another pound of delicious fibre and color , I really do need it though !!!!!

I’ve already packed up some boxes and put them away so this is the rest of my stash that was easy to photograph.   Its all on my second floor landing just waiting to be re-organised properly and ready to use

The clear tub in front is mainly full of ufo’s,  I have no idea what I’m going to do with most of them, Maybe some  cutting up and see where it takes me.  I was amazed at what I found !

I cant wait to get everything back in its right place and get to work.

This is also a couple of paverpol people ready to come to life, the big one is rather large and he will eventually hang from my front balcony.  I have been working on a complete step by step for one of these paverpollies so as soon as its finished I’ll be posting a tutorial ! Making these are so much fun, messy but fun 🙂

We also thought we may as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone and apart from the floors where also finally getting a new kitchen,  we went to Ikea the other day and chose what we wanted, we fell in love with just the right one for us so when that’s installed I’ll be taking more pics,  completely different to what we went there for but that’s the most exciting part I guess, and extremely brave lol    so as soon as the kitchen’s in then the floors will get polished, we all decided it was easier once the new kitchen was in rather that the other way around and at least then that can be fully organized without have the rest of the house plus the contents of  the kitchen all upstairs.

  so 2-3 weeks and all this can go back in my room  WoooooHoooooooo

I think I’ll have to do some felting way before that though as its already been quite a while and I miss not doing anything except sorting

Thats it until the next episode !

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Happy Felting Everyone

8 thoughts on “Oganising and waiting

  1. Dear Karen, I so had to laugh at your pictures and blog entry! We got home from holiday last weekend and have water damage in my studio. Not very bad, but they’ll have to dry out the place, so I had to get out all of my wool too. I had my kids and the neighbor’s kids help me and they had lots of fun hauling the BIG bags of wool upstairs (because the BIG bags didn’t weigh a thing 😉 ) I told them to put it in front of our bed, so I could organize it in a corner of the bedroom. When I came upstairs… it turned out that the wool filled sort of half the bedroom 🙂
    I know water damage is a nuisance (it was our 3rd time in 3 years!) but I can now also see it as a good reason to clear up everything.
    Wish you all the best with your ‘building project’!
    Love, Mattie

    1. lol Thanks Mattie Wool has a tendency to grow, even when its in bags. I can just picture the kids running up and down your stairs saving your precious wool. We just keep collecting and before we know it there’s a mountain of it. I’m missing felting but i’m so going to enjoy putting it all back in my new room and setting everything up nice a neat again , for a while anyway lol I hope you get your water damaged all cleaned up quickly without to much down time cheers karen xo

  2. It is interesting to remember everything you have when you start sorting through. I can’t wait to see it all fixed up in your “new room”. Wonderful to get a new kitchen too!

  3. It is always amazing how much we have but still don’t have just the right thing for a project. :O)
    I usually get it all organised and still have stuff left over. By then I am usually fed up and start stuffing it where ever it will fit.
    Lucky you with a new kitchen see there was a silver lining.

  4. I feel exhausted just listening to your account! I’m looking forward to seeing your ‘after’ pictures and the polished concrete floor will be ideal.

    1. haha Thankyou Lyn Emptying the house, ripping up floors and smashing kitchen tiles is great fun , not , but its all for a good cause and it’ll feel like a new house 🙂

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