Felting Around the Web

Felting Around the Web

Here’s some more fun fiber links:


The Therapeutic Powers of Felting

Liz Butcher’s Felted Fields with Geese

Pam DeGroot’s Artist in Residence Work

Renata Felt White Poppy Coasters

Mixed Media:

Jane’s mixed media work in progress

Kayla coo’s “Seas of Grass” Exhibition 


India Flint’s Eco Printed Silk Broadcloth


Guzziesue’s Leicester Longwool Fleece

6 thoughts on “Felting Around the Web

  1. You’re welcome – if you know of any other good links, please let us know. We love to see what everyone else is doing as well, so inspiring.

  2. I was really excited to discover that you have shared a link to my felting blog. Thanks very much I have already had some very enthusiastic responses to some of my photos and tales of felting with people of all ages and abilities.

    1. You’re welcome, Kirsty 🙂
      It was really interesting and you have lots of great things on your blog. I really liked the projects you’ve done with children.

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