Felting Around the Web

Felting Around the Web

Periodically, we’ll be posting about fun felting projects that we’ve found other people are doing. If you’d like to be included in one of these posts, please leave a comment and the URL of the post you’d like featured.

Needle Felting

Fay Maxwell Video Using a Multi Needle Felting Tool

Eyes of Time – Needle Felted Friends

Etsy Russian Team-Needle Felted cartoon dog

Wet Felting

Gala Filc’s Wet Felted Scarves

Heather’s Sampler Needle-Case

Loco Lindy’s Felted Scarf plus bonus cute alpaca photos

Ingermaaike’s Felted Mittens

Elis’ Felt Feet

Rabenfilz Lighted Mussel Shells

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