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Completed Tree Fragment Series

Completed Tree Fragment Series

I promised that I would show you when I completed the Tree Fragment Birch piece that I showed you last week. I stretched the background fabric around a canvas and fused a piece of brown paper to the back to cover the fabric edges and staples. I ended up gluing the birch tree down with soft gel medium. I liked the idea of using stitches but I thought the silk fabric tree was just too fragile and I was afraid the stitching would tear it apart.

Here you can see the finished birch tree and the backing.

These are the two other pieces in this series. I was really rushing to get these all done because I am putting them into the Uncommon Threads exhibition at the Bigfork Cultural Center in September. 

Here are all three pieces together. I photographed them on the floor but you get the idea. So if you’re in the Bigfork, Montana area in September, make sure to stop by to see the exhibit.

Uncommon Threads at Bigfork Art and Cultural Center

Uncommon Threads at Bigfork Art and Cultural Center

I attended the opening reception of Uncommon Threads at the Bigfork Art and Cultural Center in Bigfork, Montana last evening. A couple of weeks ago, I framed or remounted 14 pieces of artwork and entered them into the exhibition. I also included my felt tree at the last moment. The exhibition lasts through September 22nd so if you’re in the area, do stop in to see all the great work.  I didn’t get photos of all the artwork as there was quite a crowd there and it was hard to get photos of everything.

These pieces are by Juliane Ketcher. She uses a variety of techniques in her work including felting.

These three are by my friend Louise Barker. By the end of the evening the one in the middle had sold.

I didn’t get this artist’s name but her company is Rocky Mountain Clothing and Textile Company. The weaving on this is really cool.

This is a large felted piece by Diana Lasa-Blair. Not sure who made the hat, scarf and jacket though.

These are by my friend Sally Glutting. The little red dot on the fly fishing piece means that it sold too!

These felted and beaded pieces are by Debra Pollard.

The needle felted birds and animals are by Ann Keenan.

And then there was my work. If you have followed this blog for a while, I think you will recognize most of the pieces. And if you look closely, there is a little red dot by one of my pieces too! How exciting that all three people in our little fiber art group sold a piece on the first night of the exhibition.

The other portion of the exhibition was an installation which involved many members of the community. I couldn’t get a photo of the entire installation and there was a painting at the top that I didn’t seem to get at all. But the installation was made up of knitting, crochet, felt and other fiber materials. It was really fun because peeking out from various areas were little animals. I contributed a felt rock and a few other pieces which were included in the installation. Thanks to the artists that put this together as it is a really interesting installation and it’s fun to see all the details included.


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