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Third Quarter Challenge – Marilyn’s Entry

Third Quarter Challenge – Marilyn’s Entry

Today’s post is by Marilyn Nelson (Pandagirl on the forum).

MNelsonchallengeoverviewThis was definitely a challenge for me since it was my first time using acrylics, modeling paste and curing modeling clay. I’m also more into abstract than realistic representation.

For some reason I was fixated on doing a butterfly (probably wanting to hold on to summer).  So, I worked on the butterfly first.  There were several renditions in silk and clay, but I ended up using the first clay one which I used wire between layers to bend the wings making it dimensional and painting both sides with acrylics. The antennae are wire.   A silk butterfly would have been even better, but I couldn’t figure out how to paint it like a Monarch.  I tried, but wasn’t happy with the results.

While I worked on the butterfly the rest of the picture seemed to come together.  I covered an 8×8″ stretched canvas with modeling paste and created a textured sky and meadow with a palette knife.  After it was dry, I began layering acrylic washes to intensify the dimension. However, after painting the texture wasn’t that obvious.

MNelsonChallenge side view 2

The bottom of the crinkled silk flower was left over from a failed felting experiment.  So, I cut another small piece to fill it out.  The stamens of the flower are yarn.  The leaf is prefelt that I felted a piece of wire on one side to be able to give it flexibility to form it.  Then I used copper wire taken from the ends of wired ribbon to make the veins in the leaf by running it lightly in spots through the felt to hold it.

I used the cut outs from the silk to make the smaller flowers. The orange spirals were a last-minute addition from left over clay I was playing with.Of course, I had to figure out how to attach everything.  I used a combination of modeling paste, acrylic medium and Mod Podge. (Not mixed together.) 🙂

MNelsonChallenge side view

I’ve included a couple of views to show the dimension of the piece.  I hope you can see the details.  I need to work on my photography skills.

Karen, a special thanks for posting the challenge and to all the members who have encouraged me to join the fun!  I had a great time and learned a lot.  I’m looking forward to the next challenge.

Marilyn Nelson