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Suggestions Please

Suggestions Please

I haven’t had much free time to felt or make things lately, but making the collage notebook cover made me realise I could have a sewing project on the go that I could spend 15 minutes on here and there when I feel like taking a break (instead of watching cat videos on youtube!) I still had my felt offcuts to hand so I made myself a glasses case to match the notebook. I needed a sturdy one for the glasses I keep in my bag, so they don’t get damaged by all the other useless stuff I pile in there 🙂

I got some nice fabric from Ikea a few years ago and used some to make a nice lining.

When I was sorting through my spare felt and offcuts, I came across a few pieces of felt that I made earlier in the year to use for stitching practice. You may remember a few of us said we were going to do the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge? I did try and probably lasted about 10 weeks, but I found the instructions too hard to follow. Ruth kindly looked up videos to help us, but sometimes there wasn’t one available, so I lost interest when I was spending more time looking for understandable instructions than actually doing the stitch. So, now I have 4 spare pieces of felt and thought I would ask everyone for their suggestions what to do with them. These first two are both about 8 x 12 inches

And these two, made from all natural shades of Merino and Bluefaced Leicester are about 10 x 12 inches

I look forward to hearing your suggestions and I will post photos of what I finally decide to do with them 🙂

Hairy Alpaca Bag

Hairy Alpaca Bag

I thought I’d use my weird Hairy Alpaca bag for practising stitching. I’ve used some of the stitches from the first few weeks of TAST. First, I used Photoshop to work out the pattern I wanted to follow on the flap. I used a 6 point star and copied and pasted it, overlaying it to get the shapes I wanted. I scanned the bag so I could get the sizing right, then I printed the pattern out. I thought it’d be really fiddly, but I just held the pattern in place as I stitched around for the outline. I then filled in the shapes with very close blanket/buttonhole stitch and straight stitches for the tiny blocks.

For the front part, I used rows of chain stitch to make a border, then filled that it with herringbone stitch. Just for something extra, I added little straight stitches where the herringbones crossed.

It’s not very easy to sew on, it really does feel like hair! And the bag is so small, it’s easier to keep one hand inside and sew two handed 🙂 I’m not sure what I’ll add next, I might see what other stitches come up on TAST before deciding.

TAST 2012

TAST 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday

Or TAST is from Sharon B’s website introducing a new stitch every week for the whole year. I’ve decided to do this as I love stitching and only had a few that i knew. I’m wanting to use a lot more stitches in my mixed media so I’m having fun with this and hopefully I’ll be able to finish the whole year .

I’m using a square frame  and stitching on calico,  I’ll turn this into a book of stitches that I can  keep as a reference.

The first week’s stitch is called the Fly Stitch

The second week’s stitch is the Buttonhole Stitch

So who’s up for joining me in learning our stitches every week?  You could just do a sampler and make them into book marks or tags.  You can also share your pics on our flickr site

If you’d like to  join in then follow the link to Sharon’s site at Pin tangle and lets have some fun

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