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Making a Scissor Case

Making a Scissor Case

I got some great really sharp little scissors online. I have no way other than to original packaging or carrying them with me. They will poke through anything I put them in.

My friend Carlene suggested a triangular pouch with a side entrance so I thought I would give it a try.

The little curl at the bottom looked kind of sad and lonely so I cut it off. Then I got protests from the gallery and added some back.

I will add a grommet on the closed side and add a ribbon or string. I am not sure which will be better, thoughts? I think I will loop it the through the handle of the scissors so the whole thing is attached.   I plan to sew on a small magnetic closure for the open side.

Now you are probably thinking the scissors are going to go through the end of that, no problem.  know I thought of that too. LOL, I started out thinking about a piece of thick leather but I would need to make it into a cone and just couldn’t see how to make it work well. My solution is to get some needle ends. The ones you use to stop your knitting falling off. I will put one down in the point to stick the tip of the scissors in.

I am thinking of buying some more scissors and making up some to sell. The ones I made here aren’t very exciting to look at but I think I can make them a little more interesting without a lot more trouble.

I Did Some Weaving

I Did Some Weaving

This week end I did something I claim not to like, weaving.  What I really mean is I don’t like what most people think of as weaving, on a table or floor loom. I don’t like getting the warp ready and putting it on the loom and tying it all up and then sitting and weaving. I like finger weaving and I like what I was doing one Sunday, Inkle weaving.

inkle loomThis is a table inkle loom. I was using a floor version but I forgot to take a picture and couldn’t find one with the weaving on it.

I took the beginner class for the second time. I took it the first time a few years ago. Its not like most weaving where you only see the cross threads or you see the treads going in both directions. This is warp faced weaving. It means you see the threaded that are held on the loom not the threads you are putting back and forth. it also only makes narrow pieces. You use it to make straps and belts and trim.

book mark sampleThis is the beginning. you can see at the bottom where I started isn’t as nice as it is a little farther along. In the beginner class we make a scissor pouch.

twisting the fringethis is twisting the fringe the a really cool tool that makes it supper fast and easy.

twisted fringeYou can see the little snip scissors inside the pouch.

scissor pouch finishedThis is the finished pouch . You wear it around  you neck and when. you need to cut some thread you slide the snips out and there you go.

What I like about his kind of weaving is its so fast to warp the loom and the weaving goes really fast. When I finish my felt boots I may make some decorative trim for them.

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