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A Little Stitching

A Little Stitching

Time is flying by, isn’t it? I can’t believe it is April already. I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing much lately. But I’ll show you a little stitching I have been working on.

Needle Felting

I started working on this 5″ x 7″ felted landscape a couple of weeks ago. I needle felted first and then machine needle felted.

Machine Stitched

Then I free motion stitched the background mountains. The foreground will be hand stitched so I thought the smaller machine stitching in the background would be less prominent.

Closer View Stitching

Here’s a little closer view. I used really dark grey, medium grey and white threads.

Ready to Stitch

And then I picked out my threads for hand stitching. That’s as far as I have gotten. I haven’t been motivated to pick it up and start the hand stitching since then. The plan is to use distorted cross stitch on the tree area.

Quilting Complete

I decided that I should start using some of the fabric that I have “decorated” with my local group. So I took out my soy wax batik fabrics and decided to make book covers. I thought they might be good to sell in the store so I found some inexpensive sketch books to cover. I stitched several fabrics together and backed it with batting and quilted it.

Straight Line QuiltingOn the grid pattern, I just used a straight stitch.

Stitched Pebbles

I did free motion stitching around the leaves and the “pebbles”.

Smaller Notebook Cover

Then I followed Lyric Kinard’s tutorial for making a book cover. She does give a general idea of how to measure but that somehow didn’t work for me. The first one above, was too small and the book wouldn’t fit in.

Back of Smaller Cover

Here’s the back. Now I need to find a book that fits it. It is about 5″ x 8″.

Larger Notebook Cover

Then I decided I would make the next one bigger. And of course it was too big for the books I had purchased. It did however fit the sketchbook that I carry all the time. So I guess I’ll just have to keep this one.

Back of Larger Cover

Here’s the back. The only problem is that I sewed the inside fabric upside down.

Inside Cover

The fabric is right side up here but the book is upside down. Of course I could use the back as the front but I like the leaves better than the grid. So I just won’t worry about all that upside down writing. I think it’s in French so I can’t read it anyway!

Fabric on Batting with Notebooks

So on to making some more that fit. You can see the pile of notebooks in the upper right corner of the photo. I am using a piece of break down screen printed fabric this time. I have laid it out on a piece of batting.

Safety Pins in Place

I safety pinned it to the batting to get ready to do some free motion quilting.

Free Motion Stitching

And off I go.

More Free Motion Stitching

I am using a blue-green cotton thread and I really like how the outline looks. I considered using a red thread but thought it might be a bit much on the contrast.

Free Motion Stitching

I still have a way to go on the quilting for this one. Hopefully, I’ll do a better job on getting the size correct this time. Three times a charm, right?



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