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Finishing the Flax  2020 Flax study group

I promise we are almost done, but I suspect you wanted to see the culmination shots from this year’s harvest! This year we had planted two rows of flax, which did not look too excessive until we started to harvest … Continue reading

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Year 2 Flax Study Group, The Violent bit’s at the end!

A review of year 2 so far This year the flax study group planted the seed we had harvested from last year. We had enough to double our planting and had 2 rows planted this year. We had 2 covid-modified … Continue reading

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Flax Study Group 2020 –Seed removal PART 2

When we last left off, we had just started rolling the seed heads Cole had removed with his bladed implement and the rakes when Henry returned from his quest. He had gone off to seek grated screens  so we could … Continue reading

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Flax Study Group 2020 –Seed removal Part 1 (from the stocks)

This is the part I missed last year, so was particularly interested in photographing and participating this year. When we last left off we had had a very hot dry summer, the flax had matured more quickly than anticipated and … Continue reading

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