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Nuno Felt Top Class

Nuno Felt Top Class

Hi I gave a private class to Anne last week end. Well really we started earlier with talking about what she wanted to make and what she wanted to make it out of  and then dying her silk. In the end she decided a long top was most versatile and she had one that she really liked so we used it as a template for the seamless garment technique. You can see the outline under the silk. we went from that and sized it up to allow for shrinkage.

Anne Likes sparkle so she added some silk and some super bright trilobal nylon I had dyed. If you click on the picture you can see the sparkle better.

And of course there was lots of rubbing and rolling

This was the first try on . It needed to pull in a bit more under the bust for a better fit.

Ann came back the next day and she made a matching scarf and a bracelet in different colours. I forgot to take pictures of  the scarf on its own or the bracelet at all. We did take a picture of the finished top and scarf on my dress form. I had to take a lot of pictures to get a good one as it was windy.

Ann took some pictures at home later. If you are a member of the wet felt makers group on Facebook you will have seen these.

I really like the way this green scarf works with the purple. And how well it goes with a glass of wine and the great shoes.

Anne was a great student. She listed well and asked lots of questions. I think she had a great time, I know I really enjoyed teaching her. I am looking forward to seeing what else she makes.

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