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Meet the Supplier – Sara Quail of Unicorn Fibres

Meet the Supplier – Sara Quail of Unicorn Fibres

Fibre 3, 2, 1

Q-3 Three types of fibre you can’t live without?

1. Viscose tops – I really love working and experimenting with this plant based fibre. Created from regenerated wood pulp, viscose has all the look and feel of silk tops, without the static when you draft it and it is considerably cheaper. A brilliant fibre for adding some lustre and surface interest to wet or dry felted projects. You can make fibre sheets in different densities and use thin wispy sheets for layering or thicker ones for cutting out shapes. Being a similar micron, viscose integrates really well with 19 micron merino roving. You can card it with other fibres, lay it out thickly or thinly for different effects or blend colours together. Being a smooth manmade fibre with no scales, it won’t wet felt on its own, but only needs a surprisingly little amount of wool fibre to get it to all hold together.

2. Merino roving – Like many felters, I am a fan of combed 19 micron roving. It is easy to work with, quick to felt and ideal for wearables and many other projects. After a visit to the DHG dye-house some years ago, I am still in awe of the complex process and scale involved in processing, dyeing and creating commercial roving from raw fleece.

3. Uniblends – Our exclusive Uniblends are my dream fibre. Custom blended, they combine the qualities of viscose and 19 micron merino wool. I love to use it in one-way cobweb layouts – it drapes beautifully, reduces pilling and is less itchy against the skin than using wool only. Using Uniblends speeds up the laying out process as the fibres are already combined and you don’t have to worry about embellishing the other side! You can also add additional viscose if desired, 2-directional layouts give a heathered effect and it spins well too.

Q-2 Two tools you use all the time?

Well, apart from my 2 hands, I use my homemade mega felting tool and ball brauser constantly. Ball brausers are fantastic water sprinklers for speedy wetting out of a project and with a little care, can last a very long time. My biggest tip is to never to leave it standing with the spout in water or soap solution for any length of time. This prevents rust potentially settling in and snapping off the sprinkler head. Shown here with a ball brauser for scale, my mega felting tool is pretty large. I have made smaller versions but this one is great for large projects like making wraps, garments & scarves. Glass décor beads have been glued to a rendering tool, sourced from the local hardware store.

Q-1 One fibre art technique you love the most?

Nuno felting without question. My preference is to use embellished prefelts rather
than applying roving directly onto fabric, using hand dyed Margilan silk or cotton gauze.

General Questions

What is your business?

Unicorn Fibres is an online business selling supplies for wet felting, needle felting
and associated arts.

What kind of items do you sell?

Lots of Fibre, Hand dyed fabric and Tools for felting. We stock 19 micron merino roving in +100 colours – solid & variegated colours, merino/silk blends & our exclusive merino/viscose Uniblends.

Our range of carded wool batts is growing and particularly popular for needle felting along with Corriedale roving.

Over 45 viscose colours available as well as hand dyed Margilan silk and Cotton
gauze for nuno felting.

Ball brausers and a variety of tools for needle felting.

And if you are stuck for a gift, eGift cards too!

What do you think makes your business different from similar ones?

 Along with having considerable felting expertise, we are focused specifically on the needs of felt makers/artists. Our aim is to keep prices low and service high.
 Weight options – Fibre can be purchased from as little as 10gm (0.35oz), up to 1kg (2.20lbs) bumps. Flexible quantity options to suit your needs.
 Custom products – Our Uniblends are created exclusively for us and a dream to use.
 Bundles – Merino and viscose bundles are offered to make colour choices easier, quicker and a little cheaper.
 Hand dyed gauzes – Margilan silk gauze and Cotton scrim with characteristic colour nuances to enhance nuno felting & other textile projects.
 DHG reseller – We are an official reseller for DHG products who use ethically sourced fibre and create their products to the industry’s highest safety and environmental standards.
 Shipping – Turnaround time for orders are generally same-day and we dispatch orders really fast, twice a day. All stock is onsite, so there are no drop shipping delays.

Where are you located?

We are an online business in Perth – a pretty idyllic spot, at the bottom left hand side of Western Australia. Close to amazing beaches and a city that sits on the Swan River.

Where can we find you on the internet?

Sara is very kind and generous and she is doing a giveaway for all of our readers. Please read the instructions below to enter. She has also given our readers a coupon code for a discount for a purchase of Uniblends from her site. See below for details. Thanks Sara!

Giveaway and Offer

Two Giveaways –

For one international and one Australian recipient:

You can win a bundle of Uniblend rovings – 6 x 50gm (1.76oz) packs in colourways of your choice, inclusive of shipping.

Giveaway is now closed.


Use coupon code: UNIBLEND10 for a 10% discount on our exclusive range of Uniblends – stunning variegated extra fine merino wool and viscose roving blends.

Prices include 10% Australian tax, but are excluded at checkout for international
shipping addresses.

Meet The Supplier and a Giveaway

Meet The Supplier and a Giveaway

Meet the Supplier

Fibre 3, 2, 1

Q-3 Three types of fibre you can’t live without?
Angelina fibres, I did not think I would like this fibre until I started using it and now love the bit of sparkle it adds. Also merino pre felt, and wool tops, especially dyed merino.

Q-2 Two tools you use all the time?
Twisted felting needles because they felt evenly throughout your piece and leave a smoother finished surface. The other tool has to be my Janome sewing machine, I love to be able to make practical but beautiful things like blinds and bags with cotton and linen fabrics.

Q-1 One fibre art technique you love the most?
Wet felting, both pictures and 3D forms. I enjoy the creating, and rinsing off the soap to see the final piece is great. Even if it’s not quite how you expected there is always something a little bit lovely about what has been made.

General Questions

What is your business?
heidifeathers is an online felting supplies business

What kind of items do you sell?
We sell wool bundle mixes, needle felting kits, wet felting kits and drop spinning kits, pre felt bundles, nepps, glass eyes, felting needles, dyes, dyed tussah and mulberry silk fibres, scarves, angelina fibres and other felting tools, basically we are a one stop shop for felting.

mulberry tops 3What do you think makes your business different from similar ones?
We offer lots of colour! Lots of mixed items such as wool bundles, silk bundles, and pre felt bundles, giving you variety so you don’t have to choose. We stock a lot of felting related fibres, tools (including an extensive range of felting needles). We offer all the supplies you need so you can experiment with felting. We care about the customer and are always willing to offer help and also care about stocking good quality items.

merino playful2What can you make with your kits?
Our kits all come with instruction. The needle felting kits come with a 24 page booklet with 6 projects and wool for plenty more. The wet felting kit has 3 projects and some other basic information about wet felting, again there is wool for lots of other ideas and we include a template and instruction for making a purse. The spinning kits explain how to spin wool tops in to two ply yarn using a drop spindle.

kit2Where are you located?
We are an online business based in the Cotswolds

Where can we find you on the internet?, also on etsy at  and ebay

Heidi Feathers is offering a very generous prize for a giveaway. Because of the size and subsequent postage costs, this giveaway is only available for postage within the UK. That doesn’t mean you have to live in the UK to enter though, feel free to enter as long as the recipient is in the UK 🙂

giveaway Kit2 The prize is a complete Wet Felting Kit. Zoe from Heidi Feathers says “The kit is a high quality wet felting kit which is fun and easy to use for any age, with everything you need to start wet felting (besides warm water)” The kit contains: 200g of the finest soft merino tops (21 Micron) in 20 beautiful colours including pinks, blues, greens, orange, yellow, greys, browns, purples, reds, black and white; one large piece of bubble wrap; one large piece of voile; one light weight rolling pin; one small cloth; one block of pure olive oil soap, and one bamboo rolling mat 45cm x 30. It also includes a 3D re-useable template for making a purse and instructions for three felting projects to make:  A bead, a picture and a purse.

All you have to do to enter, is leave a comment to this post. Check back on Thursday 5th June for the winner to be announced, and please leave a comment on the announcement post so your details can be passed on to Zoe.

Thanks a lot to Heidi Feathers for answering our questions and for the very generous giveaway 🙂 Please have a look at the sites and the great variety of products.

Meeting Sara From Sara’s Texture Crafts

Meeting Sara From Sara’s Texture Crafts

We have something  different for you today. We have a very special post in our Meet the Community category. Sara from Sara’s Texture Crafts has kindly done an excellent video for us telling us all about how she became interested in  textiles, felt, fibres and wool and what led her to becoming a supplier. She also describes what goes on behind the scenes in a typical week at Sara’s Texture Crafts and what inspires her.

Thank you so much for doing this, Sara, it was great to meet you and a fascinating insight into your passion and business 🙂

Please visit Sara’s website to see the wonderful products she has for us fibre addicts 🙂