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Felting in the Rain

Felting in the Rain

The yurt plan for this weekend was to full a couple of the wall panels and make one roof panel. Two of the wall panels are very well felted and the other two were still a little bit soft. So they needed a bit more work behind the tractor. Mother Nature had something else to say though.

Starting to RainWhen Dennis and I first got outside the sun was shining and we wet down the two wall panels and rolled them both up to full more. Dennis pulled them around several times on the tractor and it started raining. You can’t really tell in this photo but it was starting to hail. So we left the felt in the field and dashed back to the house. Two of my recruits (more crazy than the rest) showed up even though it was pouring rain. So we waited a bit and the rain stopped and the skies cleared up.

Spraying Down Roof PanelSo we laid out the first roof panel and wet it down.

Paula Hosing Down the Roof PanelHere’s Paula spraying it down. We rolled it up and tried to pull it behind the tractor but it was wider than the last roll. Things kept getting off track and the roll was moving to one side. So we had to keep stopping and re-rolling.

Clean Hands?

This is what our hands looked like after rolling. Just a bit messy. The skies started getting dark again so we decided to quit. In the midst of putting everything away and bringing the felt and supplies back to the house, it started pouring. We got completely soaked through to the skin. And the roof panel is not felted, it is pre-felt. Dennis said “Next time, we are going to listen to the weather man!” Somehow felting in the rain was not as romantic as singing in the rain.

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