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Wall Success

Wall Success

Well, I bit the bullet and sawed off several of the wall rods in the yurt wall to make the shorter pieces needed to make a squared lattice.

Measuring The Short EndsThe way it works is that you can get two short pieces from one rod except the ones that have 8 holes instead of 9.

More rods to cutSo I cut enough to make one lattice section. I didn’t want to cut them all in case I really didn’t understand this 5 up, 4 down system. But miraculously it worked.

Success on the wallThen was the puzzle of figuring out what piece went where. But this is the completed section. If you look on the right side, the piece on the very bottom right is a “2 up” and the one on the very top right is a “2 down”. It took us quite a while to get this figured out and then I never wanted to pick it up. But I did, cut the rest of the short pieces except those that have 45 degree angle cuts by the door and started more sanding.

Sanded RodsHere are the ones that are sanded.

Unsanded RodsAnd this is the pile that still needs sanding. Sigh. I did get all the short pieces sanded since this photo but still have a bunch more to sand. But now I have a good idea on the size of the wall and I hope to start the felting process next weekend. I need to do a sample to see what the shrinkage rate for the wool is and then I’ll be ready to felt a wall section. So stay tuned, felting to begin soon πŸ™‚






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