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First Screen Printing on Felt Class Completed

First Screen Printing on Felt Class Completed

The first online class of Experimental Screen Printing on Felt just finished up and I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the creations of the great group of students that participated. I have also included their feedback and testimonials about the course. I am planning another session of this class in the fall if you missed it and you’d like to take the class.

This first set of work is by Teri and she posted quite a bit more over on her blog if you want to check out more of her screen printing. This is what Teri had to say about the class:

Two methods really stood out (and were new) for me:
– the deconstructed screen printing, I can see myself doing a LOT of this in various guises (mixed with some of the other techniques) and probably isn’t something I would have stumbled across on my own
– the vinyl resists, this is a great technique for making more permanent screens and I love the positive and negative option this method offers

The videos were a great addition although I found them a bit long (finding 2 hours to watch videos on top of making the screens and printing was pretty tough some weeks), is it possible to edit them down? That might also help with some of the download problems too?

The PDFs were great, I am sure I will be referring to those again and again, and the discussions on the boards was really helpful too, especially when other students shared what they had been doing.

Thank you Ruth, I have had an absolute ball with this class and I have a huge pile of printed felt to show for it! Now I just need to find some uses for it all….

These next two pieces are deconstructed screen printing by Selma. Selma said:

I was behind in gathering all the right equipment in a new country and with a lack of space things didn’t really go smoothly for me. I liked the course as It gave us the basics and opened the door to many possibilities that screen printing has to offer. Now when I feel more comfortable with the whole process I will enjoy experimenting further. The videos are very clear and thorough but I had problems with loading some of the videos which definitely slowed me down as well. I couldn’t go back back and forth when needed and just wanted to see certain part of video so I printed all the PDF instructions and have them on hand while working. It was nice to see other people’s work and experience on the boards. Ruth was always very helpful and quick in her responses.

Cheryl created the screen prints above. Here’s what Cheryl had to say about the course:

Having online classes absolutely fills a learning gap for me. I live in a rural area and can not afford nor have the time to travel to locations to take these classes (although some of the classes I’ve seen offered in the UK or Australia might be wonderful to attend in combination with other travel).

Before seeing this class offering I had actually already read another book about screen printing! I am a visual learner so having the videos is good for me even though I ended up going to the library to view them. After seeing the videos having the pdfs to use is invaluable, trying to use the pdfs without having viewed the videos would not work for me.

I will continue to screen print, I will need to figure out how to incorporate it with what I’m doing now and experiment with other fiber techniques. I like the freezer paper resists and using the shredded paper and oatmeal resist the best. I have the painted interface ready to use and have the vinyl fuse for resists to use.

I hope to be on your email list for future classes.

The work above is by Tonya. She over-dyed a couple of the pieces which you can see on the top right. She also even screen printed a 3D vessel! We discussed some options on how to keep the print more visible on the finished vessel and she is going to explore this area further.

And last but not least, Sam created the screen prints above. She did a double layer of printing to get the tree scene with moon.

It was a great class and I really enjoyed teaching it. You don’t get to see everyone’s work in an online class because some people don’t participate in the sharing and discussion but the work I did get to see was awesome. I just love the different effects that you can get with these techniques. Thanks to the students that did participate and I look forward to the next class. I hope you’ll join me in the fall.

Experimental Screen Printing Online Class

Experimental Screen Printing Online Class

I am excited to announce that the second module of Embellishing Felt with Surface Design Techniques – A Mixed Media Approach is scheduled for January 22, 2015. The second module is Experimental Screen Printing.

Samples of Screen Printed Felt

All of the felt in the photo above is a screen printed sample that I made during my preparations for the class. In this class you will learn how to make your own screen and print board, learn how to thicken dye and steam the felt after screen printing and numerous screen printing techniques. For more information about the class and to sign up, please see the class information page.

I love to experiment with different techniques and I will show you how to screen print but also encourage you to experiment with combining various techniques. You will learn how to create printed felt or silk that is uniquely your own. I will show you how screen printing is easy to do and how you can use items from around the house to create wonderful printed surfaces.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment. I hope you’ll consider joining me for the course as it is going to be a lot of fun. To sign up for the course, please fill out the contact form on the class page here.

Remember, the course will begin on Friday, January 22, 2016. There will be four weeks of course material and then an extra 2 weeks to access all the course materials and videos. I will be available throughout the full six weeks to answer questions and provide tutor support. The cost of the course is $45 US.

If you have someone who still is looking for a good idea for a Christmas present for you, wouldn’t this make a nice present? Just have them put your relevant information in the contact form and I will bill them for your class and send you an e-mail notifying you of the gift.

I would appreciate it if you would share this on social media to spread the word. Thanks!

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