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Felt Hat and Flower Delivered.

Felt Hat and Flower Delivered.

I did finally got the commissioned hat and flower finished. I decided to make two hats so she had a choice. One I put silk hankies on the other I left plane.

This one has the silk hankies. It was hard to get a good shot that showed the silk.

pink hat with silk 1 pink hat with silk 2

And the plane one

pink hat 1

I thought the plane one was …. to plane, so I added a silk band. I twisted the long piece of silk and then folded it in half and let it wrap around itself like yarn. You can see it in the final picture below.  After trying both on and looking in the mirror Rebecca chose the plane one and the lily flower. She really is a hat person they both looked great on her.

rebeca in hat rebecca in hat 2


Here is a picture of all the finished flowers.

flowers finnished flowers finnished back

I needle felted the layers together and then the needled the leaves into position. Then using invisible nylon thread I added the large safety pin. I sew through all the layers of felt in the center just to be sure it all stays together.





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