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More on Mittens

More on Mittens

I posted a while back about making my grandson some mittens.  mittens post He loved them but they wouldn’t stay on even when his coat sleeves were over them.  I had thought that might be the case . Mittens are usually narrower at the wrist. You can’t do that with felt mittens, no stretch.  To fix them I sewed on some bound ribbon. Threaded some elastic through and added a locking toggle. We tried them on and he tried to make them fall off but they stayed put. Success!


The Hardest part was finding the toggles. When I wasn’t looking for them, they were everywhere. I went to 2 craft stores, a sewing store, a Walmart and the big dollar chain store, in the end found them at the smaller chain Dollar World.

I made a pair of adult sized this week so I would have an adult size to show and do a different way of tightening the wrist.  That part isn’t done yet. I need to find my sew on Velcro for that. Here my daughter is modeling them for me.

and a simple over lapping to close them.

The hardest part about writing the instructions is doing the measuring to get the resist the right size. I had to redo the drawing several time because I made mistakes and I wanted it to be neat.

The instructions are mostly doing the same thing over and over in all the different spots, but as you read it, it gets confusing. I need to figure out a different way of writing it. I may make it several diagrams, pull out the thumb and the angle from the thumb to another picture so there are not so many lines. Then write the instruction once and say repeat for all the lines. I will be there to explain so it will be easier. I would like to get them clear enough to make a kit. I am going to see if I can get my son to draw the mitten using his fancy drawing program so I can easily manipulate it electronically using layers. I will have to find that free “photoshop” drawing program, I can’t remember the name of it at the moment.